Reliable contact with aliens


In 2010, the Czech Republic registered 9 "trusted contacts of citizens" with aliens. The conclusion reached by the National Committee for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. At the same time used a special international methodology developed by ufologists to accurately determine whether the entry of extraterrestrial civilizations in contact with people.

By analyzing and comparing the data obtained from more than 1,000 witnesses appearing in the Czech Republic of unidentified flying objects, the researchers noted that only 70 cases, it "really" could go about UFOs. The remaining facts were considered by them to the category of atmospheric phenomena.

With nine as "lucky" that was able to meet with the aliens, ufologists are going to work on. They believe that the elect will be the rest of his life to be under the tutelage of an unseen alien civilizations that must somehow continue contacts with them.
In three cases, the aliens took away people at the UFO, where they were subjected to their research. About the incident had been in "visiting" the aliens are remembered only under hypnosis, because "in the normal state of the memory is disabled." According to them, they were introduced in the sensor body. There was no pain, but there was a sense of "extreme inconvenience and complete helplessness."

People were deprived of a UFO during sleep. And the husband of one of the visitors of the UFO through the slumber noticed a bright blue light, after the appearance of which fell into a deep sleep and woke up in the morning, when the wife was again beside him.

In the last decade, interest in the Czech public to extraterrestrial civilizations rose sharply. This is due to the elimination of the veil of secrecy on information about UFOs visiting Earth. Now citizens are actively collaborating with the National Committee for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, reporting back information about the phenomena that seem abnormal to them. Well, if you strongly want, you can visit and visiting aliens. They perceive the telepathic signals sent people into space, and analyze them. It is well known that UFOs are invited to only your favorites. But by focusing your thoughts on only one desire to enter into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, a man with a guarantee of "100 per cent" to get a "flying saucer." This conclusion was a Czech writer, ufologist Stanislaus Ramesheva.

In an interview with Trend. ITAR-TASS, she told of a woman who wanted a child to make friends with aliens, get on the UFO, and if you are lucky, and get married to a stranger. For several years she was "jammed" on the idea, not thinking about anything else and not paying attention to what is happening around. In the 30 years of her dreams come true.

One night in the open window of her bedroom flew into the "circle of bright piercing blue light." The woman was awake and saw how he grew rapidly, filling the room. The next moment he was gone as abruptly as it had appeared, but before the landlady were two "creatures with green skin and piercing eyes bright eyes, occupying half of the face." "Come on," — said one of them, and, in obedience, she headed straight for them … through the open window.

According to the stories of women who ufologists to be considered valid, the bottom was a UFO and stayed on it for over a year. Aliens are not carried out experiments with it, as with all other earthlings who visited them in the "guests". She is able to move freely around the ship, inside of which was "a lot of glare and almost no visible to the human eye devices."

One day she was visited by a high alien, who became her husband. They had a child, which, however, immediately after giving birth she was taken away. Two weeks later, she found herself at home in her bedroom …

Earth date traveler missing all day. But, according to the scientists, extraterrestrials visiting our planet, can compress the time squeeze, in the proportion of terrestrial seconds.

Name of the woman who became the mother of the alien kept secret. Corr. ITAR-TASS has learned only that she lives in Prague and it supports telepathically her child, promising to visit his mother in the near future. Czech ufologists eagerly waiting for this moment, considering that then will have the perfect opportunity to establish contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

Regarding the latter, it is, or more — alien civilizations contribute to the development of mankind. They are closely monitoring what is happening on Earth and, if necessary, make adjustments to the actions of politicians, military leaders and ordinary citizens. So say the experts, ufologists of the National Committee of the Czech Republic for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

In the last decade the aliens managed to prevent at least 10 major disasters in the world. If it were not for their "special guardianship" over us during the Chernobyl accident, the planet for years to come would cover lethal radioactive cloud. From invisible to the human eye UFO they "pacified vzorvashiysya reactor." And now, over the hapless 4-meter power unit "hanging telepathic veil that protects it from possible destruction." Extraterrestrials, Czech scientists believe, helped the Western allies to deal with the army of Saddam Hussein seized Kuwait in 1990. "Operation Desert Storm" would have failed in the case of absence of the organizers' patrons over "because the Iraqis — first-class soldiers trained just for operations in the deserts.

And how to explain the fact that "people make computer hardware." This question is asked by skeptics Czech scientists, ufologists, arguing that the technology of its creation beyond the power of human reason. They believe that the aliens "gave it to us, putting their minds earthly development schemes."

Computer — not only "gift" aliens, earthlings made in the XX century. These include, among others, should be attributed … cars, airplanes, submarines, and, of course, spaceships.


Igor Shamshina

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