Reserve Krasnoyarsk Pillars re-opened to tourists

Reserve management "Pillars" in Krasnoyarsk for reducing the threat of fires on Friday lifted the ban on visiting tourist-excursion reserve area, which was closed due to those for which the tourists fires, according to the website "Pillars".

Reserve July 31 was closed because of a serious fire hazard. After the ban on visits to the territory of "pillar" for the week was two fires. Reputed experts, this is due to violations of fire safety rules by tourists.

"Today, August 10, the reserve" Columns "is open to the public. Fire: Class, according to researchers of the reserve is estimated to be the first (lowest). Reserve staff monitor daily weather situation in the" Columns "- said in a statement.

State Reserve "Pillars" was established in June 1925. It is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River near the south-western outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, the area of "Pillars" — 47.2 thousand hectares. The reserve was established to protect the natural systems of the picturesque rocky massif natural boundary pillars. Its reserve identified three areas with different modes of protection: a closed area (42.213 thousand hectares), buffer zone (3.332 thousand hectares), excursion area (1,674 thousand hectares).

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