Reserve Pillars again closed to the threat of fire

 Leaders of the Krasnoyarsk reserve "Pillars" extended restrictions to access up to 10 August because of a new fire in the reserve, which occurred the day before, according to the website of the reserve.

The reserve was closed to the public on July 31 in connection with the severe fires. Assumed that it will again be open to the public at the end of last week. However, on Thursday in the reserve was a fire. In the area of the reserve fire workers found abandoned tourist park with fresh campfire. On Sunday, the "post" again caught fire.

"The fire, the fifth in a row this year, occurred on August 5 in the afternoon and was quickly localized (literally within hours) state inspectors reserve, thanks to the constant patrolling, rapid detection of the source of fire and clear the coordinated work of employees. Fire area was 0.69 hectares. … In connection with the new ignition occurring again yesterday about rock mass sparrow reserve "Columns" is closed to the public until August 10, 2012 inclusive, "- says the statement.

The probable cause of the fire, according to the staff of the reserve, was a violation of fire safety rules by visitors.

"The Reserve is preparing materials to law enforcement agencies to establish identity of citizens who were yesterday in the tourist-excursion area from 13 to 16 hours. Video and photography of tourists walking at this time of the reserve, in the management of the reserve there," — says the press service .

State Reserve "Pillars" was established in June 1925. It is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River near the south-western outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, the area of "Pillars" — 47.2 thousand hectares. The reserve was established to protect the natural systems of the picturesque rocky massif natural boundary pillars. Its reserve identified three areas with different modes of protection: a closed area (42.213 thousand hectares), buffer zone (3.332 thousand hectares), excursion area (1,674 thousand hectares).

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