Residents of Bashkiria cherished four swans, stragglers from the pack

Residents of Bashkiria rescued four swans exhausted, stragglers from the pack. Birds will spend the winter in the courtyard of the peasants and the reserve, told RIA Novosti the Ministry of Nature of the Republic.

According to the source, one case occurred in the beginning of the week near the village of Upper Lasyntau Birsk district. Two local residents, Sergei Kulakov Ilgiz Sharayev, near the river noticed two white swans. The birds were weak and could not fly. Young people caught birds and asked the huntsman Birsk zoological reserve.

"After a few days the specialists brought swans in the area hunting grounds where the birds will remain under supervision until the spring of zoologists. Once it is warm, they will be released into the wild," — told the agency.

According to one theory, the birds behind the pack, because later came into the world and do not have time to mature.

A ministry spokesman said that a similar incident took place on November 15 in the area Ilishevskom Bashkiria. Specialist Neftekamsky Territorial Administration Ministry of Environment of the Republic together with the rescuers fished out of the river oxbow base two helpless chicks teenage mute swan. Parents with two other chicks gone. After capture revealed that one of the birds damaged wing. Foundling adopted family from the village of Lower Zagretdinovyh Yarkeevo, providing food and a room for living. After wintering they also plan to release into the wild.

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