Residents of the two villages of the Amur region fought for bread

Residents of the two villages of Amur — Uralovka and Kuhterin Meadow — were without bread. The local bakery over flour. Two months from the remoter villages no transport.

In this "backwater", two hamlet left over from the former timber industry, in the summer you can get, but breaking the 50 kilometers wayward river See. After the collapse of "Bulgar" sharply intensified inspection of water transport. Check out "Rostransnadzor" forbidden operation ship "Ruby", kursirovshego between the villages and the "mainland."

The reason for the ban was that the boat was not on radio and life jackets were outdated model. Private trader for the carriage of people, was beyond the power to correct prescription, and he passed his license — told "RG" Acting head of Szymanowski Sergey Alipchenko area.

Since July 3, the 350 residents of two remote villages were cut off from the outside world. The only link to the mainland — it boats, they carry the sick, food and medicine. — Fee for the ferry boat — 3000 rubles, we go at your own risk, the wind blows the wave, that look, boat capsize, — said through tears in the handset village teacher Lyudmila Rumyantsev. Residents have written several "petitions" in the Amur region Government and personally to the governor of the region Oleg Kozhemyako.

"Not a single answer and did not get in the village stopped in a bakery. No flour. Shortage of essential food items. Brought several bags of bread on the boat, so a fight was dismantled. Children went to school can not. Just live as Lykovs .." This is a line from a letter to the editorial bureau of residents Uralovki Love Golovchanskaya. The district administration explained that in their budget can not afford to help eliminate all the shortcomings in the only teplohodishke that supports life in two communities. All that could local authorities — to inform the Regional Government and the emergency department of the Amur region. The area has remained silent.

Meanwhile, in a meadow Kuhterinom Uralovke and people almost fighting over a loaf of bread, according to the Russian newspaper.

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