Results 1 wildfire recorded for the last day in North-West

A single wildfire registered per day in the North-West Federal District (North-West) — wood burning in the Arkhangelsk region, Russia as a whole are 179 fires, told the head of the Forestry Department of the North-West Federal District Andrei Karpilovich.

"Since the beginning of the fire season in Russia there were 15.71 thousand wildfires burned more than 1.2 million hectares of forest. Registered in the North-West 371 fire burned more than 2600 acres, which is significantly less than last year. The today only in the Arkhangelsk region has one fire burned about ten acres, and with the available forces for fire and partial localization, we hope that it will be put out in the evening, "- said Karpilovich at a press conference in St. Petersburg's media center RIA Novosti.

As before, the main cause of fires — unquenched fires in places of leisure gardeners, mushroom, berry gatherers and hunters. Culture recreation in forests, according Karpilovicha, becoming over the years a little better, but still not enough for the safety of forest.

In turn, Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources of the Leningrad region Alexei Eglit added that the most difficult to extinguish peat fires that can go a long time under the ground and reach the surface, instantly forming a very large stain which is difficult to put out once.

"About 96% of the fires extinguished in the first day of a more complicated with 4% of fires, which are formed in the peat deposits. Very hard to put out a dried peat, need special treatment," — said Eglit.

In the Leningrad region, according to him, is very well established experience in using video cameras to cell towers, but in large forest areas that are in the Komi and Karelia, Arkhangelsk region, this method of safety monitoring forests is unlikely to be a panacea, says Eglit.

"In every region of the fire safety of remote locations can provide trained fire brigade," — said the deputy head of the organization of fire fighting and emergency rescue work EMERCOM Russia's Leningrad region, Alexander Bykov.

"The ranks of the volunteers (Leningrad region) came over 8000 people, 251 formed a volunteer fire department," — he said.

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