Resumed construction of submarines of Lada

Navy RF decided to resume construction of diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 "Lada". On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said Navy Commander RF Viktor Chirkov. According to him, the military approved the corrected technical project submarines, the first of which — "St. Petersburg" — became part of the Navy RF for trial operation in 2010.

Construction submarine project "Harmony" was stopped prior Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky. In March 2012, he stated that "in its current form 'Lada' Navy RF do not need. "Vysotsky said later that he was talking about the power plant," St. Petersburg ", which did not match the declared features. At the current time, the military is a modified installation.

At the current time at the boathouse "Admiralty Shipyards" involved in the construction of submarines of "Harmony", in varying degrees of readiness are the second and third submarine of Project 677 — "Kronstadt" and "Sevastopol". In addition, the company is building a submarine and an export version of "Harmony" — 1650 "Cupid."

Teal also noted that in 2013 RF will begin development work on creating anaerobic power plants for submarines. According to him, it is the official start of the work, although they already conducted a couple of years. Previously, the last CEO of the St. Petersburg CDB sea theniki "Ruby" Andrew Diachkov said that the bureau graduated bench tests of the new engine air independent of chemical generator.

Project 677 submarine displacement of 1.8 thousand tons of low levels of noise. Submarine Project "Harmony" is capable of speeds up to 21 knots, diving to a depth of 350 meters. The crew of 36 people, armed with torpedoes are the ship, missile and torpedo defense complex "Igla-1M".

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