RFID-tags to be used in Russia to combat counterfeiting

The editorial team of representatives from the Industry and Trade Ministry, the company "Mikron" and industry organizations should be to April 7, 2011 to prepare proposals and draft measures for implementation of RFID-tags for anti-counterfeiting in Russia — the decision was made on Thursday at the interagency meeting, reported in JSC "Sitronics"

RFID technology allows you to record on a cheap and easy to manufacture a microchip (RFID-tag) any amount up to 10 kilobytes, and then read or modify them using a special device — a reader that can extract information from the chip at a distance of 100 meters. RFID-chips will mark important and valuable goods, pharmaceuticals, postage, food products, as well as the library, archive and museum collections.

According to the Director of Marketing, LLC "Mikron" (part of "Sitronics") Karina Abagyan, currently the Russian market for RFID-chips — $ 250 million a year. If the plans for extending the application of RFID-tags are implemented, by 2015 it will double, says Abagyan.

Work on the implementation of RFID-tags are already underway in the "Mail of Russia". The introduction of new technology will be carried out in stages. First of all, the chips will be used for the securities and futures, as well as international items that are in the future without RFID-tags will not be accepted in Europe. According to market research company IC Insight, the cost of RFID-tags in the mail sending is 0.16 cents (up to 5 rubles).

Health Ministry will determine the list of medicines and healthcare products, logistics, delivery and monitoring of the authenticity of which is planned to be using RFID-chips.

In Russia in 2012, the first to appear "smart shop" in which instead of the traditional bar code will be used RFID-tags.

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