Richard Hoagland was right — the rover broken



More recently, we published an article by Richard Hoagland, in which he writes that the Mars rover Curiosity ("Curiosity") has become the protagonist of the grand spectacle of NASA. According to him, so as not to show us the real picture of what is happening on Mars, NASA management will soon adjust for "failure."


And on December 11 specialists from NASA reported that the Mars rover Curiosity technical problems call into question the desirability of continuing the research mission to the Red Planet. The problem, according to the chief engineer of the machine, Rob Manning, is in electronics — ostensibly drill during operation may fail and bring down the entire rover.

"Rectify the situation could be a couple months before Curiosity sent from a station in Florida, but by the time of detection of a fault to change anything it was too late," — said Manning.

Earlier, NASA reached out messages that the rover's drill was not proper disinfection procedures before the flight to Mars. This caused unrest among experts about the possible "contamination" of the Red Planet Earth bacteria.

But survive in a hostile environment, they can only when rover detects water.

Curiosity was launched on November 26, 2011. August 6, he reached the surface of Mars. His mission has cost record for the research programs of $ 2.5 billion

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