Right Alliance denied registration

The court decided to deprive the society "Right Alliance" official registration for the fact that the organization is engaged in hazing — namely politics. After all, the statute "Right Alliance" stipulates that the social organization. Its head Yuri Karetnikau says that on the court referred to the publication of a political nature from the websites. But the "Right Alliance" to these sites has nothing to do, says Mr. Karetnikau.

Lawyer Ales Gusev in court defending the interests of the "right alliance." He explains that the organization of the offending site — not the property of this information and consulting organization.

"We believe that the activities of agencies may indicate only the legal papers, which are the official documents of the institution. This document on letterhead, signed by the Director, sealed essential elements, seals, stamps, etc. Nothing Minsk City Executive Committee, to prove our political activity that is not presented. Moreover, any statements of information and consulting agency "Right Alliance" at rallies, pickets, all that we can call political activity, the authorities never been reported.

We have provided all the necessary documents that are engaged exclusively authorized activity. And they said that the court will distribute the clearing and consulting agencies and the organizing committee of the public association. Unfortunately, the court did not listen to it. "

"Right Alliance" was recorded June 19, 2009. He is known for having held in the capital of anti-alcohol and anti-drug pickets. In 2009, the agency launched a campaign for banning smoking blends like "Spice". She also campaigned "Antimak" to ban the sale of poppy seeds Belarus.

Ales Gusev said further actions "Right Alliance":

"Within 15 days we have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court. The lawyers of our institutions have prepared the relevant papers to the Supreme Economic Court Republic of Belarus. "

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