Romanchuk invited Bildt and Sikorski in Belarus for Elections

Candidate to participate in the presidential elections of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk passed the Foreign Ministers of Poland and Sweden, as well as Prime Minister of Lithuania, for a visit of Belarus during the election.

Visiting international conference in the Swedish capital, Yaroslav Romanchuk invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs this country Carl Bildt's visit to Belarus twice, both before the election and during the voting time.

"The most important thing is that I asked him to take the initiative to arrange a visit with the participation of representatives of the EU to clearly state the position of Europe on the eve of the election. With such an initiative, and I turned to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radek Sikorski, and now there is a matching format of the visit, his features. Carl Bildt said that this is a very important proposal, which carefully treated. "

According to Romanchuk, Poland and Sweden are able to help to make the presence of the European Union on the elections in Belarus were substantial.

A similar invitation Yaroslav Romanchuk passed and the prime minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius.

In addition, Romanchuk received a positive response from the ruling Party of Sweden — Conservative — to the proposal to initiate a review before the election the Belarusian issue in the European Parliament. And in November, is expected to visit Belarus delegation of Swedish Rigsdag.

The representatives of the Belarusian opposition, among other things, offer the EU not to lift European sanctions against Belarusian officials until until after the presidential election, and to consider sanctions already on the basis of their conduct. According to Romanchuk, the European Union supports this position.


Elections 2010

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