Rumors of an apocalypse-2012 again been dispelled by scientists from NASA



At the very least, NASA specialists strongly denied rumors that part which concerned the approximation of the planet Nibiru.

More November 28 NASA specialists made about the so-called "Doomsday 2012", stressing that these rumors are not so harmless, as they entail negative effects. In particular, they provoke the mentally unbalanced people or people experiencing a serious crisis, to commit suicide. Among such people, and quite a lot of teens who are able to seriously believe that the end of the world can come exactly 21 December 2012.

Fears and rumors were based on a false interpretation of the Mayan calendar predictions. In fact, one of the ends of the date cycles ancient calendar called "13th baktun". Historians and anthropologists who study the Mayan culture, saying that in the preparation of a Mayan calendar stopped at an arbitrary date — could not they make an endless calendar. They were more than enough and that the calendar that they had.

However, some hard fueled rumors that this day will arrive, or representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations or clash of the planet will happen with some of the mythical planet Nibiru (or the same will happen then, and more).

Scientists from NASA have commented on these rumors about the threat that supposedly comes from a wandering planet Nibiru or Planet X. They explained to the public that before striking another three weeks disk sizes approaching the planet would have been impressive, exceeding the observed disk sizes of the Moon and the Sun.

The argument that the planet Nibiru is supposedly in the opposite (that is, it is not observed for the reason that is behind the disk of the sun), the researchers also found serious.

Similarly spoke about it, even the head of the group "Kosmopoisk" ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. He said that all these rumors and fabrications and said wryly joked that, he says, does anyone think that Nibiru is able to pass through the sun, if only to get to Earth? This is the first, and second, the spacecraft is now used by scientists to track and allow for those events which are beyond the Sun. And above all else, the body can not move so that all the time be in relation to the Earth in the Sun, as the Earth and the Sun itself all the time shifted relative to one another.

Summing up, the representatives of NASA assured that the only threat to our human civilization could soon come mainly from our own careless actions.

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