Russia will join the WTO itself

Russia may join the World Trade Organization in the next 12 months. This was announced by U.S. President's Economic Affairs Lawrence Summers told reporters on Wednesday in Moscow, Interfax reported.

According to him, all the negotiating issues can be resolved over the next few months. L. Summers noted that between Russia and the United States has done a lot of work to reach agreements within the framework of accession to the WTO, and now "it is important to shift it into the language of the documents." Russia still has to agree on a number of issues in the multilateral negotiations, including question under the terms of the supply of meat in Russia.

Asked about Customs Union, L. Summers noted that "Customs union will not be an obstacle to Russia's accession to the WTO. "

By L. Summers, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov said that Russia will join the WTO itself.

Referring to the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, Assistant U.S. President noted that the amendment does not limit trade relations between Russia and the United States. He said that the U.S. Congress next year may consider repealing the amendment.



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