Russian military personnel will be trained to shoot at the gym Vega

Servicemen of the Russian Federation will learn to shoot at the gym "Vega"

The Russian Defense Ministry has ordered the company "Transas" (St. Petersburg), more than 100 virtual systems musketry "Vega"Learning for coherence soldiers of the 1st or several units, said RIA Announcements on Tuesday, General Director of" Transas "Nikolai Lebedev in Moscow opened the exhibition" Interpolitex 2012 ".

"This year we have started to create shooting complexes in the interests of the Defense Ministry, they are included in the state defense order in 2012" — said Lebedev, adding that all ordered more than 100 units.

He stressed that complex "Vega"Is designed to appeal to the development of techniques and weapon acquisition of aimed abilities, intuitive and high-speed shooting." Complex is very close to the reality of the situation reproduces the visual and sound effects, which increases the efficiency of the learning process and forms the learner's mental stability, "- said Lebedev.

In complex includes multiple screens, sound systems and projectors.

Developed simulators such small tools, as automatic 103 AK (AK-74), SVD sniper rifle, machine gun RPK-74, a silent machine AS "Val", pistols PM, IL, Glock-17-19, RPG-7V, RPG-2B.

As explained by Lebedev, they all have a simulated recoil after the shot.

In addition, developed a version of "Vega" for special services. These systems can be installed under a puzzle, in other words, to make an accurate simulation, for example, captured by terrorists at home or apartment. "So Makar, Special Forces soldiers can work out an operation to free the hostages in a clear copy of the object, distributing among themselves goals and objectives," — said Lebedev.

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