Russian officials have urged people not to panic and not to believe the rumors about the imminent apocalypse


. Head of the Republic instructed subordinates to do outreach to the community and to follow the mood of the society. Meanwhile, the end of the world brings some citizens of the Russian Federation a good profit.

Representatives of the Russian authorities not joking when it comes to the end of the world, rumors of which disturb ordinary citizens of our country. At the same time officials are not willing to follow the example of their foreign colleagues, for example, to produce non-serious address to the nation, touching on issues of imminent apocalypse, as did Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. They are really concerned about the panic that induced the media on the eve of December 21, and urge citizens not to succumb to provocations.

So, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool instructed subordinates to monitor the situation in the country and if necessary to reassure the worried Tuva. "People are easy to panic. Of course, this is absurd, but if our society is such excitement, there is a request, you can not ignore it, you need to bring the situation under control, "- quoted him as saying RIA" Novosti ".

The head of another Russian region, Ramzan Kadyrov, also commented on the information of the impending destruction of humanity. "The person who believes in the rumor, according to Muslim canons considered an apostate — he said. — The Quran described the offensive end of the world. It is a description of all the discoveries of modern scientists. Even the launch of the satellite is mentioned in the holy book. Therefore, these judgments are sinful. Only the Almighty knows when that day comes. " He also instructed Muftiyat conduct explanatory work with the public, the press service of the government of the Chechen Republic.

In late November, several deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation signed an open letter to the heads of federal channels with a request to stop spreading panic among the population and scare him with rumors about the imminent end of the world. The initiator of this treatment by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma for Science and High Technology Mikhail Degtyarev. "Our committee work academicians, scientists, and we declare that no end of the world will not. And just who invented and expounded a blatantly this information? "- He said in an interview with" Izvestia ".

"It seems that the end of the world — a commercial project. Look at how many scammers are trying to cash in on the subject, starting from and ending pseudomagnetic sellers of food and other rations. In addition, according to the latest data, compared with the pre-New Year period of 2011, increased the volume of consumer credit and turnover of retail chains, which indicates the growing hysteria, "- he added.

Indeed, the hype surrounding the alleged imminent onset of the Apocalypse plays into the hands of an enterprising fellow citizens. Thus, the owners of the Soviet bunker, located in Moscow underground at a depth of 65 m, sell tickets for December 21, offering customers' ability to survive the absolute security that day with your loved ones close friends, children, and parents. " However, in the shelter of the people be allowed only in age from 3 to 65 years. The minimum cost per piece — 500 thousand rubles. In this case, the organizers promise to return 50% of the amount in case the end of the world did not take place.

A much smaller financial losses may be incurred by residents of Nizhny Novgorod, if they gain a place on the Ark, which sailed 21/12/2012 at 12:20. Tickets — from 80 to 150 thousand rubles. For comparison, the authors of similar ads on the Chinese Internet are ready to place on the ship for the saving of 10 million yuan (about 1 million).

In the media from time to time there are reports of local "outbreaks" of panic because of the approaching end of the world. Thus, in the Kirov region, people rushed to buy kerosene in Novokuznetsk — salt, and in the Altai were harvested torches. But in general, the situation in the country remains calm.
"The increase in referrals and revenue in psychiatric hospitals is not marked" — commented the Chief Psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health Zurab Kekelidze. "People have to take everything in their stride — it concerns the part that is easily suggestible" — quoted him as saying, "Interfax".

At the same time, rumors about the imminent end of the world have led to positive changes in Russia. "Many now write that escape the end of the world is possible only in the Altai, create our tourist region additional free advertising. So that from the end of the world can be a real benefit, "- said in a blog head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov.

An official at the same time offered a different view on this subject: "In general, the end of the world should expect when people cease to be engaged in business, and become involved in quarrels and confrontations. End of the world — because he can look like and how the disruption in the economy, non-payment of wages, lack of food in the stores. "

In addition, the Russians almost every winter going through the local versions of the end of the world, when faced with sudden blackouts and heating. And often, the service can not be in time to cope with an emergency. What to say about what they do when the Apocalypse will happen in reality. But this is probably not worth thinking. Better wake of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev does not believe in the end of the world, and at the end of the year to which "we all need to prepare. In order to have a good mood. To make it all right. "

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