Russian oil will compete with the Venezuelan


According to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Andrew Evdacheni, Belarusian government is not considering as a formal proposal, which announced the Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Sergei Shatalov. He said that Russia is ready to give up in 2011 the export duty on crude oil to Belarus. Provided, however, that this will be offset by all the duties that Belarus receives from its oil exports. This is a duty on petroleum products should fall to the Russian budget. At the same time Russia is expected to increase export duties on oil products to 85-90% of the oil, not to subsidize the Belarusian refineries.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Andrey Matveev told the "freedom" that the statement of Sergei Shatalov has one comment:

"This position is discussed, and it is one of the motion vectors.'s It. This is not a final, just one of the options, one of the possible motion vectors."

A spokesman for concern "Belneftekhim" Marina Kastsyuchenka explained that the concern will count as an acceptable proposal of the Russian side:

"For the whole Belarusian is we can not say definitely. We participate only as members of the committee negotiating the issues related to the Customs Union. Quantitative and financial aspects, of course, will be counted. And then it will be made a specific decision by the Belarusian side."

Assistant to the Minister of Finance of Belarus Pavel Ladik noted that "while all this work."

Foreign Ministry does not confirm that the offer was received officially.

"All of these proposals are still under discussion. There who discuss, let agree, and then we'll see. As I understand it, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry does not confirm that the offer was received officially."

Mr. Ladik not answer the question, it is necessary as a result of oil proposals to revise the 2011 budget. He also said nothing about the price of gas, budgeted, because what else, they say, has not ended talks.

According to the Minister of Economy of Belarus Nikolai Snopkov, official Minsk to agree to this proposal, as it is based — equal economic conditions. Like, what about the issues of oil duty is now being negotiated.

Economist Boris Zheliba notes that the assessment of the Russian proposal yet, because the calculations need to be addressed. He believes that Belarus can not go for this option solutions oil dispute.

If there is a duty-free crude oil, you will need to return to duty on petroleum products.

"Today, to support the refineries, the fee, which is contained in the price of petroleum products, eliminated. And it gives an opportunity to exist more or less profitable. When will the tax-free crude oil, it will be necessary to return the duty on petroleum products. It is believed that it will deprive Belarus is not quite able to do a clean combination naftagandlem and production of petroleum products. The Belarusian side is now engaged in the calculations, it will. "

Mr. Zheliba says: Russian proposal is beneficial to the Belarusian side is that oil will still be tax-free.

I think that the Belarusian side will not agree to this proposal.

"And here laid such tricks. Indeed, the question is, what will happen to the Venezuelan oil? In the long term supply to reach 10 million tons. After all, half of our power plants. And this oil at world prices keeps this fee. Ton worth more than $ 600. A Russian bestamozhennoe oil — two times cheaper. then what to do with the Venezuelan oil? already has contracts for three years. I think that Belarus will not go to this offer. Though she is in fact profitable and do not need this Venezuelan oil. "

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