Russian warplanes broke off joint military exercises the United States and the Land of the Rising Sun

Russian warplanes broke joint military exercises the United States and Japan

Russian aircraft flying Sludge-38 at Borders Land of the Rising Sun, from-of which were interrupted by the Japan-US joint military exercises were planned disposition, and did not violate international law, reports "Interfax" referring to the statement by the press service of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

According to the representative of the Pacific Fleet, Roman Martov, planes do fly in the daily operations of the fleet.

Two anti-submarine aircraft Sludge-38 were seen near the Noto Peninsula, where the naikrupneyshie teachings of U.S. troops and Land of the Rising Sun. From-for fear that Russia may become known to some hidden information, it was decided to stop the maneuver. ITAR-Tass reported that Russian aircraft to intercept raised the F-15 fighter jets, but no action to decide they did not.

Japanese media have pointed out that the planes were specifically over the place of the maneuvers in the moment when the script is being followed to intercept ballistic missiles, and mitigate the threat of enemy fighters.

The joint Japanese-American exercise "Sharp Blade" are held from 3 to 10 December. They are more extensive in the history of military cooperation between the countries. In total, they are participating in more than 40 thousand soldiers, 60 ships and 350 aircraft.

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