Russians cool to Lukashenko

A large study on the relation to the inhabitants of Russia, Alexander Lukashenko, the Russian Foundation unveiled a "public opinion."

From the research, it follows that for the last three months of Lukashenko's rating in Russia has fallen to a record in the last 10 years minimum — about his good relationship to head of Belarus reported only 12% of respondents.

Moreover, almost half of the population of Russia believes that between Moscow and Minsk to today have developed a bad attitude. Only 16% of respondents described the Russian-Belarusian relations as good.

According to the study, the improvement of relations Belarus and Russia believe 20% of Russian citizens. Answering the question why Moscow and Minsk have problems, 12% of Russians said that to blame Alexander Lukashenko, who "is the wrong policy towards Russia." Another 6% of respondents believe that "the authorities of the two countries can not find a common language," and that the reason lies in the "gas war". To 1% believe that this is the result of internal policy Lukashenko and that to blame the Russian authorities.

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