Sailing ship with a dead crew

When, in October 1913, the mate, and several members of his team boarded the schooner "Marlboro" in one of the bays of the archipelago Tierra del Fuego, we were shocked by a horrible sight, around the sailboat were scattered dead, dry as a mummy, the body of the crew.

Sailboat masts were completely intact, and all the schooner was covered with mold. The hold was going the same: everywhere the dead crew members, dry as a mummy.

The investigation was set incredible fact: the three-masted sailing ship left the port of Lyttelton in early January 1890, heading to Scotland to his home port of Glasgow. But for some reason did not come into the port.

But what happened to the crew of sailing? Really calm wind sails stripped him and forced to drift aimlessly as long as there were not exhausted all the supplies of drinking water? How is it that a sailboat with a dead crew crashed on the reef in 24 years of drifting? In this story, a lot of questions that we will probably never get the answers.

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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