Save yourself: get a place on the ship



The aliens are looking for people who want to leave the earth before the world ends December 21, 2012. It was so begins another article on famous for its absurd news U.S. site WeeklyWorldNews. Below is the translation of this material, I hope, read cheer you up!

End of the world as predicted by the Mayan already there! Only 7 days left until the Apocalypse. Mayans predicted that the people who will be on December 21 in France, will be able to survive. However, not everyone has the opportunity to get to France.

WWN has learned that the aliens from Planet Zeeba (friendly neighbor, outside Neptune) taking applications for the placing on the ship, on board of which the lucky leave the planet on December 21, however, if the Mayan prophecy come true, by 22 December, all will return to Earth.

You want to be on the ship? If yes, please provide your arguments in the comments below why you should be on the ship, why should you be among those who will live on. Please try to be concise and accurate — Zeebans do not like boring form of communication earthlings, especially if they are forced to live with them on the ship in the next fifty or sixty years.

Rescue ship and be able to fit up to 5000 people. Zeebans prefer to save Americans, but people from other countries on Earth have the chance to be represented on the ship.

If you made a decision, and provided information about yourself, you will not have to go anywhere on December 21. Representatives Zeebans themselves will find you and will forward to the ship. So, you just stay in bed and Zeebans care of the rest. If the world does not collapse, Zeebans will take you back to the couch.

So why do you deserve to be on the ship?

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