Scania launched in St. Petersburg plant trucks

St. Petersburg, November 17, 2010.
The company "Scania — Peter" opened in Shushary (the Pushkin district, south of St. Petersburg) plant for the production of trucks and became the first foreign automaker started full commercial production of commercial vehicles in the northwest region of Russia. The press service of the city administration, which said that the launch of the plant coincided with the 100th anniversary of the first delivery of the vehicle Scania in Russia.

The investment amounted to EUR 10 million. At the initial stage, the degree of localization of the enterprise will be: for trucks (for the complete truck) — 28%, on truck chassis — 15%.

Swedish group — the old and faithful partner of St. Petersburg, said at the opening ceremony of Governor Valentina Matvienko. According to her, a hundred years ago, the company has supplied to the northern capital of tram cars to repair power grids. And since 2002, the plant "for sale" began producing buses in St. Petersburg for the Russian and European markets.

"The opening of truck — a new page in our cooperation. This is another step in the further development of the automotive cluster in St. Petersburg ", — said the governor.

The new plant will produce trucks, chassis and body and reaching full capacity will provide the city of 500-600 jobs. While touring with the production of Valentina Matvienko has commissioned the chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade (KERPPiTa) Eugene Elin consider buying the technology of "Scania", in particular, snow plows, for the needs of the urban economy.

Concern Scania Group was founded in 1891. and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses. In St. Petersburg concern Scania Group is represented by "Scania-Peter", founded in 1999. In the period since 2002. so far in St. Petersburg produced more than one thousand buses for the Russian and European markets (Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands). In 2010. company "Scania-Peter" temporarily suspended production of buses (due to lower demand) and opened a new direction — the production of chassis and trucks, including the bodywork.


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