Scientific evidence of reincarnation


Children can have a verifiable past life memories, which can be independently verified. They can name specific names, places, and events without having any opportunity to somehow know. These features can be confirmed in the study of public records. Birthmarks and birth defects may be visible on the site of wounds from weapons that are often caused by a traumatic or violent death in a past life.

Including the comparison of information obtained from children and documented data, the study is based Ian Stevenson (Ian Stevenson), Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia. (Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of Virginia, School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia 22908).

During his original research in a variety of matters related to childhood memories of past lives, Dr. Stevenson has concentrated on the study of the fact that these children are often born with birthmarks, allegedly linked to the murder or death in a previous life. Stevenson's study of birthmarks and birth defects is of particular importance for the demonstration of reincarnation. Since they are objective and tangible evidence of repeated introductions.


In many cases, presented by Dr. Stevenson also have medical documents available as further evidence that, as a rule, is made after the person's death. Ian Stevenson adds that in the cases he studied, no other relevant explanations, other than reincarnation.

Only 30% — 60% of these strains can be attributed to birth defects that are associated with genetic factors, viral infection or chemical causes (for example, children affected by thalidomide, as well as drugs or alcohol). Apart from these obvious reasons, doctors do not have an explanation for the other 40% to 70% of cases, and talk about the random occurrence of defects. Stevenson managed to explain why a person is born with a particular defect that is why they appear on this part of the body, and not the other.


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