Scientists are advised to be alert to the bread on the table

Society Belarusians, like many other European nations, yeast bread traditionally been one of the staple foods. This is no accident. Let's pay attention to its chemical composition. Bread from wheat flour for leavened Khmeleva (natural yeast) contains all the essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins Bl, B7, PP, minerals, and mikraelementy — gold, cobalt, copper, which are involved in the formation of so-called respiratory fermentav.

This bread baked in the kitchen stove, could not charstsvets and mold a few months. The person who eats it, filled with energy, ceases to hurt the common cold, it is well functioning stomach, restored immunity.

Not the flour

In Belarus and in most former Soviet republics of bread still eat a lot. Although it is not long bake at home, and at bakeries and formulation is significantly different from what it was in our grandparents. Accordingly, differ in chemical composition.

You can judge this by the way looks like bread factory in a week. He and stale, and zaplesnely. Domestic nutritionist explained the situation the quality of flour, which at the factory is the process of "fine grind." Industrial milling machines are heated so that consume all the vitamins. After a "purification" and rafinavannya (that was whiter) flour loses more than 25 nutrients. And even if it then artificially "enriched", it returns only one third of the previous number of iron and vitamins B1 and B3. Other useful substances contained in the grain disappear irrevocably.

However, the machine factory — this is not the only problem. Mold goes back in the box. Fungi that infest the grain when the harvest is collected and stored properly, do not die completely in baking: they are able to sustain and 500 degrees. Getting well into the body, they multiply, attack and destroy the intestinal flora it.

One of the most dangerous toxins grain fungal origin — patulin. Once in the stomach, patulin may cause mold growth on various sections of the gastrointestinal tract. Also in the blood erythrocyte count and thus decreases the amount levkatsytav.

Today, consumers in Germany and other Western countries, seeing the first signs on bread mold, return it to the store and get a refund. This usually happens with the bread that is not bought by the Germans in their favorite small shops, bakeries, and in large supermarkets.

In the former USSR, as people often cut off from the mold tainted bread and eat the rest.

Not the starter

No less dangerous component of bread that is baked at the bakery in the CIS countries — termafilnyya yeast (or tsukramitsety). In the USSR, they began to produce before the 2nd World War to the alcohol industry, pivavarennya, hlebapyachennya. According to some historical documents that have been stored for a long time in the Soviet archives "classified", the first of the danger tsukramitsetav Hitler's army doctors said, "If Russia does not perish from the war, then it will die from the yeast." Baker's yeast grown in liquid media. There was (wastes from sugar production) was diluted with water, treated hlernay lime padkislyayuts sulfuric acid etc.

Scientists around the world has long sounded the alarm over the impact termafilnyh yeast on the human body.

The French scientist Eten Wolf 37 months cultivating a malignant tumor in the solution with yeast extract. It turned out that in such a solution the size of the tumor doubles and triples this week. But as soon as the solution was removed from the extract, the tumor dies. It was conclude that the extraction of yeast is a substance which stimulates the growth of cancerous tumors.

NOT podsazhivayut bread children

As the French scientists, termafilnyya yeast multiply in the body in a geometric progression, so that pathogenic mikraflera inhibits normal. As a result of disrupted the activities of all the organs of digestion, as well as the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and intestines.

These baked goods are very harmful to the child's body. Doctors say children critical decrease the level of calcium in the blood. Its biochemical composition changes of whole. There are changes kastsyavoy, nervous, lymphatic systems.

The indifference of modern bread producers to the final product makes bread dangerous.

Nutritionist advocate for that, other than the large state bakeries, there were mini-bakery where bread was baked to a coarse flour on a natural leaven or no yeast.

For those who care about children's health, it is worth trying a bread oven itself or even abandon it, replacing at least the same potato.

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