Scientists: every drop of water in the oceans contains a memory

November 14, 2012 16:58

Scientists assert that every drop of water in the oceans contain the memory of organic matter ever get into the water. Deciphering the code, scientists can find out what happened to the Earth millions of years ago. So whether it's leading "Morning of Russia" asked the head of the Department of Biophysics, Moscow State University, Professor Vsevolod Tverdislov.

According to the expert, the German scientists published an excellent scientific work, but to say that the water in the oceans all remember, you can not. After the memory is inherent only living beings.

"A great new method can learn the content of all carbon compounds, that live in the ocean. The method is this: if you convert the organic matter to make the flow of ions and these ions, depending on the electric and magnetic field, they will scatter. This range of dispersing agents and give us a palette of the organic matter, which is in the sea, "- said the scientist. According to him, such a research method was invented a hundred years ago, but the technology to implement it appeared just now.

"German scientists have done is this: they are in the same experiment in a mixture of organic material taken from the sea, can see several thousand components and identify them all. At each point in the ocean can be found, how many of the old materials, from which the organisms they come, "- said Vsevolod Tverdislov.

What is useful is the opening? According to the expert, the current cycle of carbon in the environment determines the future climate. "If we know how, where, and how much carbon is distributed in the oceans, it will help in determining future climate — explained Tverdislov. — Ocean allows us to predict the next day on the basis of history. "

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