Scientists have discovered the mechanism of the anticancer effect of vitamin D



Currently accumulated enough conclusive data, talking about the powerful anti-cancer potential of vitamin D. Scientists have found that the sunshine vitamin can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer to 78%. But how? It seems that some of the magical properties of this vitamin are opened to the public.

Scientists have suspected that there is a connection between vitamin D and cell proliferation (growth). It was found that the vitamin D effect on the development of immune cells, and probably monitors cell growth in general. The active form of vitamin D (calcitriol) is responsible for opening more than 2,700 genetic binding sites. But that's not all.

A group of researchers from McGill University in Canada published new data that may shed light on the preventive effects of vitamin D. The researchers found that the active form of vitamin D, acting through a variety of mechanisms, prevents the production and action of special protein cMYK. Previously observed that increasing the level of the protein is observed in more than half of the cases of cancer.

The study's author, Dr. John White believes that vitamin D controls the rate of production and degradation cMYK. Moreover, the researchers found that vitamin D stimulates the production of natural antagonist cMYC, called MXD1. It completely blocks the effects cMYK. The scientists suggest that their development in the future will help to control tumor growth and metastasis. Fine, but what does that mean for us, the people far from biochemistry, but want to keep healthy?

This means that it's time to enter the "light of day." We are hostages of the epidemic of vitamin D, since do not get enough sunlight. The whole day we hide in the office premises, and then go home and continue to hide in the four walls. As a result, our skin is not necessary amount of ultraviolet rays, and the level of vitamin D remains dangerously low.

If we want to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind and live a long life, we should take a step forward — towards the light.

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