Scientists have figured out how to cheat the dog owners

February 14, 2013 12:47

WASHINGTON, February 14. A new study has found a strange pattern: dogs tend to steal food when they are sure that the owners do not see it. This means that they are able to understand the workings of the human eye.

For many years, dog lovers were assured that their pets are smart and understand them at a glance and poluvzglyada. However, this is not confirmed by science. Now, the experts found that when the owner says the dog does not take food, the dog will do it only in a dark room.

This proves that dogs take into account the fact that people do not see in the dark, reports Raut.

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth said that their findings could be useful when working with groups of dogs as police, service and guide dogs for the blind. A new study shows that these animals have the skills of flexible mind, though imperfect. Previously it was thought that such a feature endowed with only men.

The study involved 84 men and women, dog owners aged and older. The experiment was conducted in a room with different light levels.

The dogs had to be equally hungry and interested in eating. In addition, each dog owner forbade taking food.

Found that in a dark room the dog dragged the food is more likely and faster speed than in a lighted room. That is, choose a time when the owner could not see them.

It is not known how well the dogs are guided in the dark, they clearly that they distinguish light and dark.


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