Sea Launch and EchoStar agreed to launch a satellite in 2015

The company Sea Launch ("Sea Launch") and the American satellite operator EchoStar reached a preliminary agreement to launch a communications satellite in 2015 with the launch vehicle "Zenit-3SL" (developer of the rocket — Ukrainian SDO "Southern") from a floating platform "Odyssey" (Odyssey), said the Sea Launch.


"This tentative agreement with Sea Launch EchoStar provides that freedom of action which is necessary in order for us to provide the necessary conditions to start," — said the head of EchoStar Satellite Services, Anders Johnson (Anders Johnson).

Previous satellite launch commissioned by EchoStar was implemented November 20, 2012, when a rocket-carrier "Proton-M" was launched satellite "Echostar-16" (EchoStar-16), which was successfully launched into orbit by the upper stage "Breeze M ". The contract for this launch was concluded between the companies and EchoStar International Launch Services Inc. (ILS).

Previous launch rocket "Zenit-3SL" under the "Sea Launch", which was implemented on February 1 of this year, ended in failure. Rocket and the satellite Intelsat-27 fell into the Pacific Ocean. This launch was the first setback for the "Sea Launch" for the last six years. First Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Ivan Kharchenko previously reported that the cause of the accident, "Zenith" has become fault blocks, produced in Ukraine, Russian equipment to complaints. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said earlier that the reasons for the fall of the carrier rocket "Zenit-3SL" in the Pacific Ocean will be announced in early April.

RIA Novosti # ixzz2NtVmzTzS

PS In fact, it is the salvation of the company, whose principal owner is a corporation "Energy" (in the text of RIA "Novosti" erroneously reported that the majority shareholder in ILS is the Khrunichev Center) from bankruptcy. And that is nabezhali buyers … :)

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