Second coming



Australian, is surprisingly similar to the Son of God, was asked to leave the UK because of torn world championship darts. "Jesus" was in the British town of Minehead, which hosted the final of the competition by throwing darts.

As soon as the crowd saw a man with a beard and a white shirt, the fans immediately forgot about the championship was held and began chanting, "We love Jesus." It is reported

The final match was immediately stopped and Nathan Grindal guards withdrew from the hall. When he left, the raging crowd sang the song "Stand up if you love Jesus." After the incident, a man went to a nearby bar for a beer there to watch the competition.



"I was dressed as Jesus specifically, but simply was himself. This whole situation is very strange and I do not understand, "- said the Australian.

33-year-old man lived in the UK for the past six years, and during that time he has never had any problems with any law enforcement authorities. However, after the incident, police incident Grindal asked to leave the country explaining his claim that he was "alarmed the public."

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