Secret files. Magic Photo

December 11, 2011 14:26


The program "The X Files" — documentary investigation, devoted many years of attempts to explore the most mysterious and unexplained phenomena that humanity faces. UFOs are increasingly not consider it necessary to hide from the eyes of the inhabitants of the earth, and willingly allow themselves to be removed.

Psihozombirovaniya techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming "knowledgeable" people come from wanting to train for a couple of lessons (and a couple hundred dollars). Battle is about cockroaches dwell with you in our kitchens, and truth serum is boiling in the pot alchemist. Super soldiers waiting in the wings. But we both knew the truth, and do not know, being content with rumors, speculation and fantastic films on current issues. In the new project "The X Files" viewers will learn about the most mysterious phenomena, will be able to draw conclusions based on scientific evidence, not of the controversial publications in science fiction magazines. And maybe there is an answer — is there life on Mars, and to the people of Atlantis disappeared.

In this issue: Artists have always tried to look beyond the forbidden line, to capture not only the body but the soul. In mid-century, was invented by a camera, which sees more than the human eye. With his appearance, a host of questions and mysteries. Can photographers to change the destiny of man? As an ordinary photo into a dangerous weapon? Can I use pictures to solve a crime? Finally, where there are the photographs of ghosts and UFOs?

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