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Andrew Jackson called the father of modern spiritualism from the spirit world, he drew strength and ability, knowledge of the future of medicine and the events of ancient history. Humanity has yet to estimate the significance and depth of these revelations.

Boy in fear of drunken father wept bitterly cold winter on the street. It makes no sense to complain about mother helplessly suffering from an alcoholic husband. She could not help his son. Through tears child asked God to intercede for him, and suddenly the angel prostrated white wings and ears sounded marvelous voice, "Everything will be fine, baby …"

Years later, Andrew Davis — one of the founders of Spiritualism, a famous healer and medium XIX century in many ways tells the story of how he was the first sign. Perhaps, then, he does not remember exactly, after all was just a child. Or maybe it's the other: for someone who can perceive reality through inner vision, does not matter, if he hears voices or sees angelic heavenly messengers in the flesh.

Birth of the Prophet

The next great medium was born in nondescript American family. His father made a living by weaving and shoemaking craftsmanship propivaya most of the money. His mother a homemaker and spent long hours in prayer. Davis noted biographers rather significant fact of his biography associated with the name Andrew. It so happened that a few days newborn lived nameless: parents were not up to it. When they were visiting a friend of her father entered, the conversation topic was raised in passing while the U.S. presidential elections.

Guest are invited to call the boy after the Democratic candidate Andrew Jackson — the famous general, the governor of Florida. And then, in thought, he said: "But the name of this great man is not more important than the name of your son, when he grows up." Simple working amazingly accurately guessed the child's future. America's seventh president Andrew Jackson is known and remembered far worse than his namesake, spiritualist.

Davis grew like a weed. Father drank, on any work not stay long, so the family constantly wandering from place to place. The boy did not even read properly taught — the parents themselves were illiterate, and regularly attend school was hindered travel and work: his childhood was sent to apprentice to a shoemaker and shouldered most of the young son of economic trouble. In his autobiography, "Magic Wand" Andrew repeatedly mentions that his childhood was poor, hungry and joyless. But that's when it first began to be spirits — with instructions, advice and consolation. Their voices sounded heavenly music, which caused unknown, beautiful images, filling the soul boy unprecedented enthusiasm. Of course, the boy did not tell anyone about her visions, but they are considerably strengthened his spirit.
At 12, his voice, which is so often heard Davis gave him a clear indication to move with his parents in the town Poukipsi.

Father, by the nature of its "rolling stone", oddly enough, to respond to the request of his son. Soon the family moved to a new residence, which later brought Andrew Davies new abilities and fame. There he was visited by the first very clear and specific vision. It happened at the time of death of the mother. The teenager did not know that was orphaned when he saw a surprising by its brightness and sharpness of the picture: the dirty streets of the February snow suddenly disappeared, flowers bloom, the birds twittered … With the blue sky poured golden light, a flash of which Davis appeared before a beautiful home, and Andrew heard the sweet voice of my mother, who said she now lives there and she is doing well. The vision disappeared, the boy returned home, I found out that his mother is no more, and I realized that I saw a new, happier world, where it moved after the death of parent. Being a religious man, Davis felt that the Lord showed him a piece of Paradise.

Opening of "Third Eye"

Adolescence and youth of Andrew Jackson Davis fell to a time when America broke an unprecedented interest in mysticism and hypnosis. Entire troupe toured the United States, showing unprecedented tricks, and introducing the audience in a trance. Naturally, the young man who always saw and heard something that is not available to others, became interested in the topic. He went to a scientific lecture on hypnosis, but the lack of education prevented understand the lecturer expounded phenomenon. Davis then visited the presentation tour in Poukipsi hypnotists. What was the astonishment of the artist, when he failed to enter the thin, sickly-looking young man in a trance!

On the "defeat" on tour Davis told his good friend William Livingstone, who worked as a tailor, but very fond of all that is connected with hypnosis. Intrigued Livingstone invited the young man to try again, and the new experience has been more than successful. Andrew has not only fallen into a hypnotic state, but announced himself as a potential healer and diagnosticians. While in a trance, he told his friend, the tailor on diseases of himself and his wife, and the issued and diagnoses and treatments!

Both decided not to stop and continued experiments. In the course of the next trance Davis showed quite unique things: read a closed book, he guessed the names of unfamiliar people, predicted smaller events that actually took place shortly. Best of all he managed healing sessions. This may have contributed to the children's unrealized dream of becoming a doctor, maybe that was the purpose of again, but Davis put amazing as accurate diagnoses and gave detailed instructions for treatment. The most interesting thing is that sometimes these "recipes" are not taken seriously by doctors contemporaries, since at the time was not yet recommended drugs and treatments — all of this was to discover and invent much later.


Apparently, regular immersion in trans helped Andrew Jackson Davis to reveal his gift to the fullest. Night March 7, 1844, he made what was to be called "astral travel." In a state of spontaneous polutransa, the medium was transported tens of kilometers away from home — in the Catskill Mountains, where he spent several hours in contact with the two great men of the past: the ancient Greek healer and philosopher Galen and the Swedish scientist and spiritualist Emanuel Swedenborg. As stated by Davis, Galen gave him a magic wand with which to cure most diseases, and Swedenborg promised support in all scientific endeavors.

This meeting has significantly changed the nature of visions and revelations of Davis. For example, it is a better understanding of the nature of his gift and try to explain it to others. When asked about how he can "see" the disease, he described his method of diagnosing this: the human body becomes his eyes clear, shrouded by some lights, and sick bodies "shine" dull, less intense, that allows us to understand the nature of the disease and make appropriate recommendations.

No less interesting are to others spiritualist his astral, or, as he is their
called "spiritual journey." Spirit Davis entered into a trance, hovered over the ground, noting that is not seen by the normal eye: mineral deposits, topography, underground rivers and emptiness … Flushed with new features Andrew preached his vision, first in his native town, and then went on a tour of the country.

"Spiritual writer"

Davis opens in a trance of some system of truth demanded presentation. While outside the trance he was so uneducated and tongue-tied, I could not clearly explain their visions. Levingston, unfortunately, did not support the idea of writing a "book of revelation", because by the time he left the tailor's craft and fully immersed in a new business based on the gift of Andrew. The young man moved to his patron, and introduced them into a trance, was engaged in healing, of course, a decent reward.

But the heavenly patronage helped Davis and at this time. He soon became acquainted with Pastor William Fishbou and practicing hypnotist Dr. Lyon, who helped him to achieve the desired. For 15 months, one introduced him into a trance, and the second in shorthand revelation. The result of this titanic work was monumental tome "The principles of nature, divine revelation and message to humanity." The book made a great impression on the scholars of the time. His knowledge in the field of medicine, physics, chemistry, philosophy, linguistics, put serious researchers materialist to a standstill. Davis could not have known anything like it, but he knew it!

But the most important works of Andrew Jackson is a 6-volume encyclopedia "Great Harmony" he nadiktovyval about 11 years. Knowledge and revelation contained in it, was so unusual that the collections were more than 40 editions in the United States alone.

Communication with spirits

Deeply religious, Andrew Davis believed in life after death and the ability to communicate with the dead. After all, his life was a vision of a dead mother and a "meeting" with the spirits of Galen and Swedenborg. Inspired by this theme, Davis spent a long time at the bedside of the dying and clearly seen at the time of death the soul separates from the body. He said that the etheric body, to break away from the flesh, always meet other souls that lead him to the afterlife.

In March 1848, Davis heard a voice predrekshy new era: people see what they could not see before. Andrew understood the meaning of the prophecy later — thanks to the Fox sisters, who were able to "see" the spirit of a murdered man. Later both became famous American mediums. Indeed, a new era began. Spiritualism made a name for himself, and Davis became one of his main followers. A lot of time he devoted to the study of the life of the soul after death. Result of numerous Ouija was the book "The Philosophy of communication with the spirits."

Davis believes that communication with the spirits of good, as it allows the mystery of the future and understand the mysteries of the past. He repeatedly said that the souls of the dead, with whom he had ever contacted, is teachers, good advisers, warned against evil deeds and help carry the world of good. But contemporaries heard Davis: very soon seances as hypnosis, turned into a farce show. Realizing that people are only interested in the "miracles" and did not care about underlying philosophy of Spiritualism, Andrew Davis walked away from this trend.

Fate of great spiritualists

In his two autobiographies Davis wrote that he lived a very exciting life. Of course, there were good and bad. On the one hand, Andrew is never lonely, surrounded by followers, enthusiastic spectators and friends who helped to write books and conduct sessions. Medium three times to marry, was able to get an education, which he dreamed of since childhood, to conduct a medical practice. In his declining years, he opened a bookstore and happily sold not only literature, but also herbs, which he himself had prescribed the visitors — his gift healer stayed with him.

Another side of life Davis is not so optimistic. Repeatedly betrayed him and openly called stupid for what he did not want to exploit the data over power for commercial purposes. Personal wealth and material goods of little interest to Andrew, his thoughts were directed upward, from whence came his priceless gift. All my life I tried to gain Davis his nature. Researchers who have studied this person as unique, came to a single conclusion: Andrew in trance and trance is Andrew — two completely different people. So, put into a hypnotic state, Davis hit a professor at New York University, George Bush, later wrote: "I can confirm with full responsibility that he had heard from the mouth of Davis saying in the Hebrew language.

It is a statement of geographical representation of that era, which he in his age could learn in such a short time. He talked about the ancient biblical stories and mythology about the origins and roots of language, the development of civilization, the various peoples of the world … This depth of knowledge can not be obtained, even after reading the book all the libraries of the world. The information he presented, required to spend a diligent study of the question for life. None gifted mind in the world can compare with him in the fullness of knowledge. " However, taken out of the trance, Andrew did not have sufficient vocabulary to explain the most simple, obvious things.

The secret of his great gift of Andrew Jackson Davis took with him, left this world January 13, 1910. But he has left us ample evidence that the human mind is in a very early stage of knowledge.

Prophecy Davis

About the car:
"The days when carriages and wagons for travel shops appear on rural roads. Without horses, without steam or other visible force they can move with great speed and is perfectly safe. Crews equipped with mechanisms, which fits neatly between the front wheels will move through an unusual and simple mixtures of liquid and atmospheric gases, flammable and easily condensed. "

On the typewriter and the computer: "The device will be designed pianos: a set of keys that publish basic sounds, and the lower level, which is a set of letter keys. So that a man could not only perform music, but also to record the sermon and even poetry. "

Oh hang glider:
"There will be a special mechanism invented, capable of using the opposite direction of air flow for easy, safe and enjoyable flight, this flight of birds …"

About Space:
"The solar system has nine planets …" {During the life of Davis was known to only eight planets.)

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