Sergei Kalyakin promises to catch the hand Counterfeiters

The civil campaign "For Free Elections", the CEC has sent a statement of the violations committed by a group that collects signatures for nomination of Alexander. Lukashenko. The main charge — in the use of administrative resources.

Appeal to the CEC signed one of the co-chairs of the campaign "For Free Elections", the chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin. It lists specific cases where signatures for Lukashenko collected no members of the initiative group, and examples of the participation of administrations in collecting signatures. Is recorded in a number of universities, schools and kindergartens, — said Sergey Kalyakin:

"Here, there are mainly educators, and voters rightly attribute this to the fact that Lukashenka's initiative group headed by the Minister of Education Citizen Rad'kov. This administrative resource is being used in violation of the law. "

According to Sergei Kalyakin, the Central Election Commission, which issued a warning Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, would have to respond to these facts and violations of the Electoral Code. In addition, Mr. Kalyakin further insists that she Lukashenka's initiative group has been registered illegally, because he has not submitted the documents to the CEC in person, and requires that the complaint in this regard was considered by the CEC as a collegial body.

Another document campaign "For Free Elections" sent to the CEC signed by participants in the election race Ales Mikhalevich, Vitaly Rymashevsky, Gregory Kastusiou, Neklyaeva Vladimir and Yaroslav Romanchuk. This document contains six draft resolutions that the CEC had to be taken to ensure transparent and fair elections, — the other co-chair of the campaign "For Free Elections" Viktor Kornienko:

Viktor Kornienko

"We do not require changes in the electoral law. Clear that during the elections can not do that. We appeal to the CEC with the proposal to make the explanation of the law, according to equal Electoral law is applied equally. "

In particular, it is proposed to fix the priority of political parties in the formation of election commissions, to give a candidate an equal right to participate in meetings with voters, and access to the state media, to ensure that the observers could see the process of counting the ballots.

The campaign itself "For Free Elections" is going to allocate about 1,200 representatives to election commissions, as well as 1650 spectators. For all of them in the near future will be organized trainings, — said Sergei Kalyakin.

Kalyakin said that the campaign activists know the basic techniques of massive fraud and manipulation of the ballots, so observers will seek the right around the clock to monitor the electoral process from the very start of early voting.

"We promise that we will catch the hand, not totally, but be sure to catch him by the hand and show all over the country, as being falsified by such vkidvannya votes. This is ample opportunity for them but I'm not going to speak objectively."

According Kalyakina, now the authorities are preparing rigging option, in which all ballots be counted, and will only be communicated to voice above figures:

In the executive committee has long been established so-called secret rooms …

"In the executive committees have long been established so-called secret rooms where access is very limited circle of people. And they actively use during the election campaign produced two sets of ballots — no 7000000 and 14. Them from one part of the pre-formed in the executive committee in such a room, and the desired result has chairpersons of commissions, and the second set of valid ballots folded in a very different place. And then there is their replacement. "

Sergei Kalyakin warned the authorities that the activists of the campaign "For Free Elections" are in the executive committees of their informants and will do everything possible to expose such fraud.

In the company, "For Free Elections" includes 14 different associations, it is supported by the initiative groups of opposition candidates in the election race. Sergei Kalyakin believes that the company will be able to control 250 sites around the country.



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