Serial production of Angara carrier rockets planned for 2014

Serial production of the new Russian launch vehicles, Angara is scheduled to begin in 2013-2014. These terms are listed in the press release of the Government of Omsk Region, with reference to the chief designer of Khrunichev Center, Gennady Kleimenov.

The assembly of missiles will be handled at the Omsk manufacturing association «Polet», which is a branch of Khrunichev Center. «Today, Polet has shifted from manufacturing of individual parts and assembly units for the production of sections, tomorrow turn to the fuel tanks, the next day — missile units, and in a few years — rockets as a whole», — said the designer .

The report states that the construction of a universal launch pad for Angara at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region is coming to completion. First launch is planned for the 2013-2014. It is also noted that the Omsk plant will participate in the program Baiterek to establish at the Baikonur Cosmodrome a clean space rocket complex, which will include a luanch pad for Angara as well.

The Angara family of launch vehicles includes both light and heavy classes, designed for output loads into orbit. Their capacity will vary from 1,5 to 25 tons.

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