Six years after the murder of Veronika Cherkasova: questions remain

October 20 is six years since the murder of journalist Veronika Cherkasova. On this day, relatives, friends and colleagues of the journalist visited the grave in a cemetery in Kolodishchi near Minsk. They still believe that the murder of Veronika Cherkasova — politically motivated.

Independent online journalist of the newspaper "Solidarity" Veronika Cherkasova was found in her apartment with multiple stab wounds. The investigation immediately undertook to develop consumer version of the murder suspects and announced her 15-year-old son Anton and his stepfather, Vladimir Meleshko. However, fellow journalists, both then and now do not believe official statements, says editor Alexander Starykevich:

"Well, what" bytovuha? "The investigation, which has made the journalist Sergei Satsuk (I think it was published back in the" REM ") is correctly proved that the killing done by a professional. And" bytovuhu "in 99% of cases, law enforcement officers for two open or three days. "

Suspicion from their native Veronika Cherkasova soon taken off, and now Vladimir Myaleshka remains in Minsk with her mother Veronica, and son Anton is educated outside the country. The investigation is in place and no progress: the official version — murder, domestic, independent version — murder related to the professional activities of Veronica, namely, with the research topic of Belarusian arms sales. Alexander Starykevich continues:

"Nothing new in this matter, Unfortunately, we do not know. What had been announced previously, it may be so, and there may be different. I just think that if the murder was not a very good reason, it would have acted differently and power in this situation. "

The murder of Veronika Cherkasova is in line with the disappearance of journalist Zavadsky and the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina. And the truth of it should be shared with the public, sooner or later, said one of the leaders of the NGO Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Alexandrov:

"It's been six years, but there are no clear answers to the questions as to who the killer of Veronica, who the customer of this terrible murder. Now, no one has been punished for the death of our colleague. A lot of questions remain, and we continue to demand accurate and objective investigation of how this the case and the disappearance of Dmitry Zavadsky, as well as the murder of Oleg Bebenina. Unfortunately, there is no activity on the part of the investigation, to find answers to These questions . "

In memory of fellow Belarusian Association of Journalists has established a creative contest named Veronika Cherkasova.

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