Sixth sense

Nothing is more enduring than the stereotypes. "All of the men — the bastards! All of them have only one, "" All the Russian — drunks! "

What scientists long ago proved that women are "obsessed" with sex much more than men, nobody cares. The fact that in the Caucasus and one in Spain the average citizen consumes more alcohol than the same average Russian is also not interesting. Who cares explanation, it's all about culture feast, not in the quantity of wine? Who cares that the choice of sex partners a woman subconsciously chooses not intellectual with a sunken chest and muscled male with? Order on the same subconscious level to ensure healthy offspring.

One of these old stereotypes-confidence in the stability of the Earth. Millennium, people believed that the earth rests on three pillars, and the sun and the moon revolve around the Earth. Those who know that it is not, — killed.

During the entire existence of mankind people feared, hated, persecuted, killed, burned those who knew what not supposed to know, those who were "not like everyone else." Witches, sorcerers, wizards, sorcerers, and other diverse and obscure.

The basis of any stereotype — "so everyone thinks," and "it can not be, because it can not be at all!".

What about religion? Among the faithful, religious people have outstanding scientists — physicists, chemists, biologists, physicians, philosophers. They are all well acquainted with the nature of physical and other laws. At the same time, rejecting any "quackery" and "magic" in the treatment, really believe in the resurrection of Christ, the manna and the opportunity to feed a lot of people with three loaves of bread. Because there is a stereotype that "any magic — fraud." That everything that can not be explained in terms of current knowledge of humanity, any abnormal or paranormal phenomena — either fiction or a carefully orchestrated scam.

Based on this approach (I apologize to all believers for involuntary sacrilege), appearing here now, in any modern city like New York, the Messiah, or Christ himself, though he had done any miracles — the resurrection of the dead to the transformation of water into wine, at best, he would have been arrested. Or at the hands of fanatical believers, then crucified …

However, denying all the unexplained, people are always cautious, but believed in the paranormal and anomalous — in witchcraft and magic. This belief has existed as a backward, and the developed nations — under the rule of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other "sophisticated" religions. In medieval Europe, the Christian Church prevailed instilled think that witchcraft is the action of the devil, whom witches formed an alliance, selling his soul. Religious and secular authorities persecuted anyone suspected of witchcraft, as in a kind of "forbidden knowledge" reach other people. In other words, they believed in the efficacy of witchcraft!

I'm a horrible category of people living on a "do not believe anything until he did not check" and therefore always try to check it out on himself.

…It was 12 years ago in California. It so happened that one of my friends told me about a certain sorcerer, voodoo practitioner, has recently moved to Los Angeles. I desired to take me to him.

We have to admit that the man produced a frightening experience. But only in appearance — shaggy, black, besides the incredibly exotic garb. In conversation — quite normal, I would say — somewhat phlegmatic. We communicated through two interpreters. My friend translated from Russian to English, and the second, a man who was there, from English to some African dialect. I was introduced as a Russian journalist who was interested in voodoo rituals and sacraments.

The first thing I moved — that voodoo witch doctor can not tell a lie. Sorcerer knows that I was never interested in voodoo, and came partly out of curiosity, and partly — to make sure that the stories about the abilities of witches is not entirely fiction.

— You want to make sure — you will be convinced — told me a sorcerer from the refrigerator and pulled out a two-liter bottle of Pepsi. — Go to the bathroom, pour this Pepsi and dial tap water — emphatic tone he ordered me.

So I did. Sorcerer pulled from somewhere small bowl, and put the very water I scored a minute ago from under the crane in the most common standard bathroom.

Then he pulled out a normal SEALED disposable syringe and handed it to me.

Open it, pull the needle and thrusts himself in the finger. Then Squeeze a few drops of blood in the water, — as he ordered me peremptorily.

Drop of my blood did not muddy the waters. Sorcerer lowered into the water finger and ran it down my forehead.

— Now watch — and he went to the far end of the room and turned her back to me.

The fact that I'm writing — Article, and not "a work of art." And I write that saw it myself!

In water, both on the TV screen, an image of a Moscow apartment, which at the time I took off. The image was colored, somewhat blurred, but understandable. In the room was a woman and was on the phone. I knew this woman. I found the clothes in which she was.

— This suggestion, hypnosis? — I asked the sorcerer.

— Check — he said indifferently, and nodded to the phone.

At that time, mobile phones were a rarity, so I called his number in Moscow with his phone. Tube took the woman I had just seen in the water …

— What did you just do? — I asked her.

— She said to my mother, just hook — once your call, — she said.

— And in what you're wearing? — I asked.

She described EXACTLY THE VERY outfit that I've seen.

… I left a sorcerer hundred dollars, and we left. Explanation for this, I can not find all these years.

My good friend, the famous Russian witch Yuri Longo — let him down to earth — claimed that I did not succumb to hypnosis. However, he repeatedly made me believe that there are things that are very difficult, almost impossible to resist. How many times he just told me that I could not get up from the chair. And I really could not! All he could — to see, hear, speak, turn his head, move his arms and legs, but to get up — he could not! Why? I do not know …

Magicians, soothsayers, fortune-tellers, clairvoyants — one, perhaps, in one degree or another encountered such phenomena, so to speak, with real media, "representatives" of these anomalies.

What is it — really unknown, a special event or something inherent in all of us? Maybe it has not awakened a property of the brain, our mind? Anyone, including people with paranormal powers — of humanity. That is inherent part inherent to the whole.

May be a non-standard external intervention, a kind of "shake-up" in order to have rights "including" the ability and opportunity that now seem incomprehensible and inexplicable? As at the same Vanga, like Wolf Messing like Kashpirovsky how else to hundreds or thousands of people who hide their ability to avoid the barrage of accusations of "fraud"?

Everyone is familiar with this notion, as intuition. Some have developed it a little more, some — a little less. And everyone is able to give examples of when his intuition did not disappoint. For example, when a mother feels a great distance, if something happens to her child. Explain it in terms of modern science is impossible!

But what is intuition at its core? The famous psychologist Jung claimed that "intuition — it is a direct apprehension of truth mind, logical analysis is not derived from other truths, and not perceived through the senses."

And what's the "perceived", if not through the senses? Then through what? Through the same "sixth sense", which have all heard that many have experienced the aggravation and we completely deny those who call themselves soothsayers and clairvoyants?

And the same telepathy, in which too few people believe? But this phenomenon is studied eminent scientists, using telepathy in real life public institutions engaged in over-seriousness almost all developed countries.

In Russia, in the worst of times, just after the revolution, famine, experiments in telepathy were still in the 1919-1927 years. Academician Vladimir Bekhterev in the Leningrad Institute for Brain Research. In 1929, he made a report on the results of his work on mental effects among people at a conference of the Institute of the brain and mental activity.

Results from Bekhterev, confirmed the existence of the phenomenon thought-transference.

These same results came and the American psychologist Professor Joseph Banks Rhine.

On similar studies around the world hung marked "Top Secret". Even the most rabid materialistic skeptics have to admit that "… we have to admit that there really is a physical agent, the interaction of two sets of organisms with each other." And in almost all countries of the world, such studies were carried out either on the orders of military or by the Agency. That is why the general public about the results was almost unknown. And if someone could demonstrate their unique abilities, the massive propaganda instantly rained on them all his power, accusing them of "fraud and falsification."

Today, those scientists who dispute the two warring camps occupy a neutral position on the telepathy cautiously. For example, the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific director of the Institute of Human Brain Natalia spondylitis (granddaughter of Vladimir Bekhterev) does not exclude the possibility that telepathy "might be one of the superpowers of the human brain." Some scientists are pretty sure that the idea is a special field produced by the brain, "Countless synapses in the neurons of the brain creates a localized magnetic field around them, interacting with each other and form a three-dimensional magnetic field, existing as it is the brain itself, as a virtual field education. "

The skeptical reader necessarily accuse me of some "mess". Eco says a mixture of everything together — then Christ is the Messiah, and spondylitis, and sorcerers, and wizards, with clairvoyance and telepathy … No to all the series and in order …

Yes, because in our minds regarding the paranormal is the same mess. On the one hand, we have a sort of "education does not believe" all these psychics, fortune tellers, soothsayers, etc. On the other hand — and believe … feared.

On the one hand, be recognition of the importance of research of these phenomena can, for example, serve as the publication of articles on the "paranormal" topics in such prestigious journals as «Physical review», «Foundation of physics». (Stapp HP Theoretical model of a purported empirical violations of the predictions of quantum theory / / Physical review). On the other hand, all of the same stereotypes (this can not be!), Which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. The very mention of aliens, UFOs, about some abilities that people have found after talking with strangers, at best, cause a smile and suppressed desire to twist a finger to his temple …

Many people naively believe that "official science" does not recognize clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, and many other paranormal mental phenomena. But the fact that these events are recognized by someone or not recognized them, they do not cease to exist. And if they exist, they can be used. Even apart from the fact that they can not be explained scientifically.

Psychologists, political scientists, image-makers and other experts on the impact of the mass consciousness and the formation of the desired reaction of the masses to a certain phenomenon are well aware of a law. A man listens to everything, but hear only what he wants to hear! Looks at all, but only sees what he wants to see!

This ability is determined by each individual psyche, which is very much not and very little resolve. We perceive the world as made to perceive it. And it seems that we do not perceive much. Sometimes, though, makes its way to us something which is not an explanation. This intuition, prophetic dreams, premonitions.

Is telepathy, clairvoyance, etc., included in the concept of anomalous and paranormal.

Then, in that we, as is customary in the "civilized" people do not believe. Believe the five familiar senses — sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Most primitive, the best of any animal. But the "sixth sense", given only to the person, do not believe …

A pity …

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