Skayfishey attack on the city of Tyumen

February 21, 2013 17:58

Tyumen resident videotaped UFOs. Roller, posted on the Internet, not only interested in the local experts and ufologists from Ukraine.

"I'm sure tyumenets captures rare footage of manifestation of the phenomenon of" flying rods ". Unique video is that the objects fly in the cold season. So it's not insects. It would be possible to take them for the birds, but the shape of objects too small and more like dragonflies. But, as we know, the insects in the cold can not fly. Also high speed objects unlikely to birds, but is inherent in a "flying rods". Besides, if you make a video of maximum volume, you can hear the distinctive sound of movable mechanisms "- said the ufologist from Kharkov Sergei Petrov.

Tyumen experts decided that captured on video flying objects — the so-called "skayfishi." "In America, they arrange to hunt. People go out into the fields, take a camera and wait skayfishi will appear in the sky, "- said the Tyumen regional coordinator of the All-Russian Scientific Research Public Association" Kosmopoisk "Vladimir Lukashenok.

According to researcher and naturalist Paul Sitnikov, in our city such a phenomenon was observed for the first time. "It is not a new year, so it's definitely not firecrackers. You can also refute the theory that that objects captured on video, someone produces a slingshot, as the second item will change the trajectory. In Tyumen anything like that before did not remove "- said Sitnikov.

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