Solidarity Day — apart

A traditional action of solidarity with the families of the missing, which is held each month on the 16th — the day of the disappearance of Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky — this time does not have the same format. Given the characteristics of the current political campaign on the importance of cases of the disappeared politicians and public figures will tell the citizens of the individual pickets initiatives, as well as defenders of the holy sites.

The coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko says that supporters of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov will engage people in informing pickets for collection of signatures:

Dmitry Bondarenko

"There will be informed at the time pickets. Especially where there are pickets with tents, work will be done to bring the information to the people about the that today Day of Belarusian Solidarity. That is some kind of action, as far as I know, is not planned. There is now the site of contact with people, and I think it will be even more effective work with those who subscribe for the candidates through the pickets. "

Created by members of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy", as a month ago, is organized to gather in Minsk at the Church of St. Joseph, where the concerned people demanding the return of holy believers. The last time the share dispersed, and the co-chairs of the party Vitaly Rymashevsky and Paul Sevyarinets detained.

Leader of the "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu October 16 will be Maladzechna. Ride symbolic: a long time "the city of the sun", how proud the locals call it, was associated with a person Gennady Karpenko, whose sudden death still raises many questions.

But do not go out so that the action initiated once to express human solidarity with the families of the disappeared, gradually "sprayed"?

Lyudmila Graznova

Lyudmila Graznova, human rights activist, member of the majority shares of the Day of Solidarity, said that over time, something like this should be expected. However, in its view, the recent mysterious death of the founder of the site "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenina must attest that essentially in the Belarusian reality little has changed:

"Of course, the time is changing, not so these events hurt the hearts of our citizens — of course I am referring to incidents with our missing. But what recently happened with Oleg Bebenin should again make everyone worry … Of course, we have what we have, but in spite of this fact, these changes, the civil society in Belarus is still running. Who is in one position, another who see who somewhere invisible. So I may not say so would be very pessimistic, that in this case no change, no movement will be. Of course there will. But it's pretty slow going because we have such a society. "

The issue of disappeared recently updated the Russian media. For the first time the involvement of the Belarusian authorities to violence against political opponents said the show "Godfather" NTV. By the way, in the fourth and final series of a "death squad", which stubbornly trying to distance itself from the government, said one of the men of the Interior Ministry special forces Dmitry Newbie.

Soon the theme taken up by other print and electronic media. But against the background of deepening conflict between the top leaders of Russia and Belarus have mentioned about the missing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. In his video blog, he said bluntly: Alexander Lukashenko, before criticizing Moscow should finally investigate these high-profile cases.

A few days ago on the issue of missing opponents of the Belarusian regime responsible head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Naryshkin. The official said that Russia worried about this issue before, but because of the political situation had to turn a blind eye to this problem. Now, however, silent on the radical method of dealing with the opposition, there is no reason.


Day of Solidarity

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