Sollers and Mazda establish a joint venture in the Far East

The company Sollers and Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corp. November 26, 2011 signed a Memorandum of Understanding under which the parties are planning to launch a new joint venture on the basis of the site «Sollers — Far East." The joint venture will operate on an equal footing, and production is planned to start next year. The new company will produce cars for the further implementation of the Russian market.


In summer, the Economy Ministry reported that Mazda will launch a full-cycle capacity of 25-50 thousand cars a year. Investment in the project was to be about $ 80 million. It was planned that the Japanese company will be releasing in Russia Mazda 6 and a new model that has not yet appeared on the market. However, as stated by the newspaper "Kommersant" in Sollers, the parameters of the project will be assessed and determined by the time of the signing of the final agreement.

Mazda has entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Economy of the "industrial assembly" under the old rules on June 21. They suggest starting production capacity of at least 25,000 vehicles per year with 30% of locations in 4.5 years in exchange for favorable (0-5%), the customs duties on the import of auto components. In addition to low duties on imports of automotive Mazda will have the opportunity in 2013 to free transport by rail in the European part of Russia, cars produced in the Far East.

Recall, for the first time the possibility of establishing production in Russia in December 2010, said the president of Mazda Takashi Yamanouchi. According to him, the organization of local production in Russia would "better compete" with other foreign producers, as vehicle assembly in place a "more effective than the importation of finished cars."

According to experts, the cooperation with Sollers — the most convenient option for the development of the Russian market for Mazda, which will use the existing production capacity, which significantly reduces the amount of investment in the project over the construction of the plant from scratch. At the same time ready to plant Sollers gives the opportunity to immediately reach the volume in excess of 30,000 vehicles per year, whereas the launch of a new production at this rate would have to go step by step. According to analysts, after three or four years, Mazda sales in Russia will be at the level of 50,000 units per year, and about 35,000 of them can be made in the Far East.

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