Soluble electronics will create these cyborgs VIDEO

October 6, 2012 15:52

In the journal Science published an article bioengineer John Rogers (John Rogers) from the University of Illinois, USA about the new technology of "soluble" electronic circuits that can be embedded into biological organisms.

According to John Rogers (John Rogers), he managed to create electronic components, insulating washers, conductors and semiconductors that can be easily excreted from the body without causing harm to him and simply dissolves in the body. With this "soluble" components, according to John Rogers (John Rogers), you can create a wide variety of people within the electronic devices, from mobile phones to computers, all these devices are compact and flexible enough for successful implantation under the skin or into other parts of the body. For the first demonstration of this technology, "soluble" electronics John Rogers (John Rogers) made the electronic implant with sensor bacteria and implanted it under the skin of rats. As reported, the electronic "soluble" device does not cause any irritation and performing well, and after the end of his life, completely dissolved.

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