Soon the aliens will come in contact with us

December 27, 2011 18:25

Author and host of "Military Secret" Igor Prokopenko

They exist. And they are among us. And the world is not what it seems. It is a force stronger than the Kremlin and "United Russia". This sure Colonel reserve, famous Russian filmmaker Igor Prokopenko. This power — extraterrestrial intelligence that controls the activity of earthlings. Author and host of "Military Secret" on REN told Olga Voronina information classified as "secret."

— First, I hasten to add — I'm perfectly normal and sane people! And you have to remember this during our conversation!

Yes, and I had no idea that the deputy. Director channel REN may be insane man …

— You know, to make the transfer and write a book on the alien must have a lot of courage. And patience, in order to take down a grin in his face and behind his back. For in a society there is a perception that serious about "green men" say just insane. Or, at best, eccentric personality. And I, as you can see, neither one nor the other. Just a journalist who by chance came into possession of documents proving the existence of UFOs …

It was in 1991. At that time I was working in closed archives of East Germany. On the eve of the withdrawal of our troops, with a repository of works real rush job, I came across a unremarkable folder, dated 1977 year, which lay between the correspondence of Marshal Zhukov and General Montgomery. Documents were curious, so I opened it and nameless cardboard folder lying with them. His first piece of paper in a stack on top was titled as follows: "The list of personnel who observed the UFO in the missile range, a / h …" I was most impressed that the document was signed by the Special Branch chief Colonel connection cornflower! The second sheet folder — a huge drawing paper folded in four — left no doubt that this is not a joke. Under the heading "The scheme UFO over objects on the territory of the USSR, with a military and strategic importance" were drawn diagrams, charts, columns of numbers and had been signed by the Chief of General Staff of the USSR! Since then, it has been 20 years, but I never for a day did not stop the journalistic investigation, code-named "UFO" classified "in which to study only the military documents, signed by high chiefs and their personal recognition.

Have you personally seen a UFO?

— No.

But for sure, a lot of people talking about this topic, see some unexplained artifacts or evidence of the existence of other civilizations?

— Once a geologist Innocent Poloskov brought into the studio, "military secret" box with a truly sensational find. During the development of a new career in the field of nickel Lipovenkovskom right in gangue workers discovered hundreds more mysterious statues unseen animals, fish and birds. These figures, as told in the air Poloskov, were found at a depth of 35-40 meters in the area of 30 by 50 meters. The breed, which was part of the artifacts was formed about 60 million years ago. Another part of the Tertiary deposits lying under the age where almost 700-800 million years more. So presumably these figurines were created in the period from 60 to 600 million years ago. According to official science, at this time in the world did not exist even Neanderthals. Lay the items in the rock to a depth of 35-40 meters at a later time is simply impossible, also figures on the composition different from the ore, which have been found. Do I need to say that modern scientists do not know the kinds of animals and birds, which they represent. Technique and the artistic value of these items seemed very high.

What would you do to explain the existence of these figurines?

— Version — a great many! I think the most plausible hypothesis of the existence of ancient advanced civilizations, which for some reason were killed, for example, in the global natural disaster or travel in time and space. At the time, the famous American astrophysicist Kim Thorne and his team put forward a version of "worm hits," under which black holes are located in close proximity to our planet and take the form of spatial transitions. Americans spent an analogy with moves worms, dug in the apple. Imagine that the universe — is a fruit, and down flecked "tunnel" through which you can get to anywhere in the space-time continuum. This includes past and future. Kim Thorne came to the conclusion that the Earth is near the entrance to the "worm tunnel" leading to the area of star Vega, as well as out of it. Portals located on the South and North poles of the planet, where the military often observed the appearance of UFOs. Especially over Antarctica. So intelligence veteran Navy Captain I rank Victor Berezhnaya introduced me reports of Soviet warship commander, dated 1979 year, which focuses on the UFO sightings in the Antarctic archipelago South Georgia. Then an unknown object flew out deep in the ocean, and so long remained in the same place in the sky, the sailors even managed to take a picture. Another time, the Japanese scientists in the archipelago using instruments detected 19 round objects, which dived from space to the Antarctic, and then disappeared from radar screens. Then, this fact has been widely discussed by scientists around the world. But long before these events, the Nazi secret organization "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage") was chosen for its Antarctic scientific experiments.

As you know, "Ahnenerbe" — this is the only official organization seriously Catching ¬ yuschayasya occult and secret knowledge of their ancestors. And what she needed in the Antarctic?

— I'll start with the background. Not so long ago on the southern continent at kilometer layer of ice discovered huge lake with a water temperature of +18. Over their surface is domed vaults filled with warm air. For thousands of years in these conditions under the ice formed kilometers of tunnels. From the ocean, coastal podnyrnuv under the ice, they could easily go to any submarine. There are documents that prove the existence of the southern continent-secret Nazi base, code-named "211." Since the beginning of 1939, between Antarctica and Germany begin regular flights specially modified vessel "Swabia." Queen Maud Land is transported mining equipment, rail roads, trucks, as well as a series of secret facilities, which employ highly qualified engineers and scientists. After the war, the Americans are actively recruited German scientists were surprised to find that all this disappeared, including more than 100 submarines, which are not on the list of sunken! According to one theory, all of these people and equipment to settle in New Swabia — the territory until 1945, belonged to Germany. Antarctica ¬ Theed knowingly chose the Nazis — this continent are very sensitive top-secret organization "Ahnenerbe," says her Atlantis, which happened under the ice as a result of displacement of the magnetic poles.

And there is some evidence?

— "Ahnenerbe" created the higher ranks of the Third Reich in 1935 to search for the secret knowledge of the ancients, which could provide the world domination of the Aryan race. Employees "Ahnenerbe" around the world looking for ancient manuscripts and relics, people with paranormal abilities, spent a lot of occult and scientific experiments. They are well known for amazing card was famous Turkish admiral Piri Reis, which is applied in detail the northern coastline of Antarctica. The document, drawn up at the beginning of XVI century, for 300 (!) Years prior to the official opening of the southern continent, fell into the hands of scientists in 1929 and has caused heated debate. The fact that Antarctica is shown on this map without … ice. Current international expedition mapping checkers Reis gave the conclusion that it is many times more accurate maps compiled in the twentieth century, and the shoreline has been applied before was covered with ice. We have no clue how these data were obtained in 1513. Because today, and in those days, the ice thickness is up to at least 1500 meters. Turkish admiral himself, in his notes on the map wrote that it was the numerous ancient sources, the age of some of at least three thousand years. It is easy to imagine the impression made on the document employees' Ahnenerbe "that Hitler's orders looking for evidence of origin of the Aryans of Atlantis disappeared. Perhaps they have learned about the southern continent is something that initiated the project "Base 211". And the secret city in the interior of the ice continent tighten yet been built.

But then he may know the American secret services, who have been studying the war of the "Ahnenerbe" …

— Yes, you're right. That is why in 1946, the famous polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd U.S. Navy was ordered to destroy the Nazi base in Antarctica. This story, with no known public details, I was told I mentioned Chief Scientist Institute of USA and Canada Studies, Vladimir Vasiliev. As is known, the expedition Byrd, camouflaged U.S. Navy suffered a terrible defeat. It should be noted that the squadron consisted of an aircraft carrier "Casablanca", which was based on 25 aircraft and seven helicopters, destroyer "Merdeka", a submarine, icebreaker, 12 tankers, which housed more than four thousand people. But as soon as the expedition came to the shores of New Swabia, was attacked … UFOs! Here is what the official report, dated February 26, 1947, eyewitness John Sayrasen military pilot: "… these dishes jumped out of the water like crazy. And literally slipped between the masts of ships at such a rate that the flow of turbulent air vomited radio antenna. At the time I was on the deck of "Casablanca" and did not understand. These items are not published a single sound! They silently floated between ships and constantly spitting deadly fire. Suddenly the destroyer "Merdeka", who was away in the cables 10, flashed a bright fire and began to sink … The whole nightmare lasted about 20 minutes. When flying saucers again dived under the water, we have to count the losses. They were appalling … "

According to you, it was a saucer aliens or Nazis, who before the war created a unique diskolety?

— Indeed, the Germans had in the 1930s, through the "Ahnenerbe" were involved in setting up diskoletov. It attracts not only the development of ancient manuscripts and documents, but also research unit Zonderbryu SS-13, has been studying UFOs. And today we can definitely say that in 1942, the air was raised lightly flying disc Vril Jager-one 11.5 meters in diameter. Claim that before the end of the war was made 17 such devices, but such statements should be treated with caution. However, there is evidence of Soviet generals who took part in the Battle of Kursk, that during the battle in the sky hung a strange drive. But what it is, they did not know. Among the drawings and photographs of Nazi flying saucers, which I saw in person, a series of strikes imagination Haunebu 3. According to the technical literature, they had to use an alternative energy source, which gave them an opportunity to go into space. For example, the first and the last test so-called drive Belontse, since February 19, 1945, showed that the device is capable of up to 3 minutes to reach a height of 15 kilometers and develop horizontal speed of 2.2 thousand kilometers per hour! Diskolet hung in the air and turns without flying back and forth. According to U.S. intelligence, the end of the war the Germans had nine research enterprises that developed and tested diskolety. My investigation revealed — 8 of these companies successfully evacuated from Germany, together with the staff of the ninth, was blown up. Was destroyed and the only drive Belontse. As told me CIA veteran Colonel Uindol Stevens Office has classified information that at least one of these German centers was taken to Antarctica, in New Swabia, one in the Amazon, the other — on the northern coast of Norway. But, in my opinion, in 1947, squadron Byrd smashed yet not Nazi diskolety. German models were designed to work only in the air. Therefore, from the depth of the ocean rose someone else's flying saucers. As I said, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Vladimir Melnikov, "Byrd expedition in case of some unknown to our modern understanding of the Force …"

And this force should direct the fear and terror to those who knows of its existence …

— Therefore, in many developed countries have a service that closely on the issue of UFOs. I have irrefutable evidence that in the early 1980s, the General Staff took an unprecedented step — on direct orders from the supervision of the special laboratory № 22 of the Institute of the Ministry of Defense to get unlimited access to the data of the starting rocket technology, not only in the USSR but also abroad. The latest information comes only through intelligence. Such powers as special laboratory at number 22, was not even the top officials. And it was done only in order to obtain accurate statistics on UFO sightings. According to the data, about 87 percent of all sightings of unidentified flying objects — the result of an optical illusion, technical experiments, natural phenomena, etc. However, the remaining 13 percent, which can not be explained by anything. In addition to the activities of extraterrestrial intelligence. I have the great mass of documents — military reports, certificates, statements, talking about one thing — they are. And they're on this earth. Perhaps even among us. And senior management in many countries know about it too. This is no doubt.

Therefore, in the past the U.S. and the Soviet Union almost simultaneously turned the lunar program, knowing that the satellite earth someone?

— The entire history of astronomy is permeated by reports of observations on the moon obscure flashes and movements. After the landing Americans on the moon program was phased out its study, and for 30 years, humans do not disturb the surface. Although there are all possibilities. Shortly after stopping the lunar program designer U.S. missiles Werner von Braun in private said, "On the Moon, there is extraterrestrial forces, which are much more powerful than we can suppose." A commander of the "Apollo 11" Neil Armstrong publicly uttered the following sentence: "I can not go into details, but the ships are far superior and our size, and technology."

In my personal conversation with RANS academician Vladimir Azhazha I found another interesting detail. When a Russian scientist in 1992 was on the MUFON conference in New Mexico, then became closely acquainted with former Senator Clifford Stone. Stone showed him the unique footage — a fragment of the meeting of the U.S. Senate, dedicated alien intelligence on the moon. It was there, it was decided to freeze the lunar program. "As it turns out, we almost kicked out of the moon? — Told me in an interview academician. — Apparently so! We, the people, with their fragile vehicles, there confronted unknown mighty reasonable force. "

If the aliens among us, do they, in your opinion, Progressorist activity — adjusted the course of human history?

— Perhaps very soon we will know the answer to this question …

Do you think we are on the threshold of a contact?

In the last 3-5 years in the media and academic circles there are many new and often shocking information on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence. All these photos of artifacts on Mars, the moon, until the image of man, encrypted radio signals from deep space, objects of high technology antediluvian civilizations earth leave us no doubt that we are not alone in the universe. I hope that would live up to its official contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. And each year, the possibility of opening a dialogue with the aliens increases several times.

Personal file:
Igor Prokopenko was born on 8 February 1965.

Deputy Director General for journalistic documentary projects broadcaster "REN", television personality.

He graduated from Donetsk Higher Military-Political Academy. He served in the Air Defense Forces. Since 1989 — a military journalist. He worked as a military observer newspaper "Red Star", "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and others specialized in the coverage of events in hot spots. On television in 1994. Since 1998 — the REN. Author and host of "military secret." Six-time winner of Taffy, and the Grand Prix Festival in Brussels and Rome, the special prize of the Italian Republic and the Film Festival in Macau.

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