South Africa requests the IAEA to support a stress test for nuclear power plants

The South African government asked the IAEA to assist in carrying out stress tests on the only South African plant "Koeberg", which should confirm its safety, said South Africa's Energy Minister Dipu Peters.

"We urge the IAEA to support a stress test on our nuclear power plants, because this process is part of improving public acceptance of nuclear power in our country", — she said, speaking at the plenary session "Atomexpo-2012."

"All the accidents that have occurred in the nuclear power industry, they must be considered in the development of nuclear power in our country, to this development was completely safe," — said Peters.

Currently in South Africa where the only nuclear power plant "Koeberg", located in the vicinity of Cape Town. It consists of two reactors PWR capacity of 900 megawatts. Operator of nuclear power plants is the state power company Eskom Holdings Limited.

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