Special fire regime abolished in Chelyabinsk region

Special fire regime introduced in the Chelyabinsk region on April 17 in connection with the complex situation in the forest fire risk, canceled on Thursday, the press service of the governor.

The corresponding decree was signed by the First Vice-Governor Sergei Komyakov, acting head of the region for the period of Mikhail Yurevich in China.

"According to the Regional Chief of forest management, through rainy, cool weather, the number of fires recorded per day declined significantly," — said in a statement.

In total, as of the morning of June 7, in the region since the beginning of the fire season eliminated 850 forest fires in the area of 58.7 hectares.

Authorities urged residents of the region that to protect the forest and to prevent uncontrolled breeding fire, despite the lifting of a special fire-fighting mode.

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