Special fire regime introduced in two areas of Kamchatka

Special fire safety due to the high risk of forest fires, introduced on Monday in two districts of Kamchatka — Elizovsky and Milkovsky, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, the minister of special programs of the Kamchatka Territory Sergey Khabarov.

"In Milkovsky Elizovsky and area, and to the west of Ust-Kamchatka region remains the highest — Class 5 fire danger," — said Khabarov.

Due to the high risk of forest fires should be limited to local residents visiting forest capabilities offices autonomous institution "Forest Service" is set to high alert. Population are also prohibited from fires in forests and communities for the duration of a special fire-fighting mode.

According Khabarova, from the beginning of fire season in the forests of the region have already registered 13 fires — one more than in the entire 2011 season. "The area of the fires is much smaller than in the previous year. Altogether now fire covered 405.5 hectares. Nevertheless, it is quite disturbing trend," — he said.

Currently, there are four on the peninsula forest fire: two seats — in the area of the square Elizovsky 65 and 34 hectares, respectively, two centers — in Milkovsky area on an area of 12 and 20 acres. Three of them were eliminated, remains active in the fire area of 65 acres near the village of Northern Koryak.

"Forces and means for fire fighting enough. Efforts are made to eliminate fires," — said Khabarov.

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