Specialist Bauman. Bauman developed a robotic complex percussive Rider 2012?

Specialists of the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman developed a robotic complex percussive "Rider-2012.

Multi-percussion set razvedyvatelyyu"Rider 2012?intended for fire support operations personnel of the combat units. This robotic complex can be used as the armed forces and security agencies.

Unlike most similar systems, "Rider 2012? hasarmor-platedthis solution allows to increase stamina and significantly expand the range of tasks performed. Controls and movement hidden behind the armor protection and is now more difficult to bring down. Such solutions can be used to perform complex security operations in small spaces without fear that the fragment or other external damage can destroy the entire complex.

"Rider 2012?in the normal performance can be equipped with a light machine gun or grenade launcher AGS-17 type.

The complex is made on the basis of tracked chassis with a diesel engine. The battery life of the complex is about24hours.

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