Squally winds in Ecuador tore roofs off houses

Squally wind gusts caused panic among the residents of the villages located along the highway Chone — Portovieho coastal province of Manabi. Phenomenon occurred around 17:00 on Thursday, high winds tore roofs and damaged walls 15 cane and wooden houses in this sector. Terrified residents rushed to take refuge in the homes of relatives.

Victor Cevallos, a local resident, said that was normal for this part of Ecuador's sunny evening, suffocatingly warm, when suddenly a gust air barrage lifted a huge cloud of dust and alarmed the settlers. Some even began to pray, and hearing the sounds of breaking away from flimsy roof houses, the inhabitants rushed out into the street and hide in stronger homes. Angela Caicedo, 65, said that at the time she was in the kitchen, and heard loud crackling, afraid to leave the house and hid under the table, from which watched fly away, carried away by the wind, the roof of her house.

Mayor Italo Colamarco reported that emergency department staff of the municipality to prepare a report on the damage to the victims and families will be denied all possible assistance.

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