Star Group completed construction of the largest in Ukraine SES

Slovak Star Group completed the construction of the first phase of the largest solar power plant in Ukraine (SES), which is located near the village of Krasny Perekop and Vasilevka Kahovskogo district, Kherson region. 

The National Commission for regulation of the energy sector (NERC), on Thursday issued a license for the production of electricity, LLC "South Energy Star" (Kherson), a subsidiary of the Slovak Star EU as, which will operate the power plant and sell electricity generated by it, Interfax-Ukraine .
SES Star Group in the Kherson region after construction can enter the top five most powerful gelioelektrostantsy Europe. Capacity of the first SES120 MW, the cost — more than EUR200 million
Recall that the Ukraine in the last few years actively developing renewable energy to improve energy security and strengthening energy independence and solving local problems of energy supply, reduce the harmful effects of energy on the environment. The fastest growing solar energy industry. Since 2011, working in the Crimea solar park "Perov" installed capacity of over 105 MW, who is among the ten largest solar power plant in the world.
Star Group was founded in 1998 in the Czech Republic. In 2006, the Group established a company Star EU as in Slovakia. The Group is engaged in investment consulting for financing projects from EU funds and the development of solar energy. In Ukraine, the direction of the Star Group Solar energy companies are "Star UA," "Energy Star" (both — Kiev), "South Star Energy", "Kherson Energy Star" and "Star Solar Energy" (all — Kherson).

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