Started recruitment of volunteers for a flight to Mars and settlements on Mars base



"Mars One" began accepting volunteers to create in 2023 a Martian colony. Signed up thousands of volunteers. Non-profit organization "Mars One" announces the start of work on the organization of the flight to Mars. The first four astronauts land on Mars in 2023, and four additional members of the crew will fly to the planet every two years.

Since the launch of the project on the site registered more than 850,000 unique visitors, "Mars One" has received thousands of letters. Among them — more than a thousand requests from individuals who want to go to Mars long before the start of the program the selection of astronauts.

In addition, the project "Mars One" supports a large group of advisers and ambassadors, including an astronaut, a Nobel laureate in physics and a few scientists NASA.

"Mars One" aims to build the capacity needed for the global project, and is working on a nonprofit basis. Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and president of "Mars-One", "believes that the team" Mars One "understands and feels that the world supports this mission and our plans, even at this early stage. We get so many kind and supportive emails. People offer us a donation or offer to do what they can, or are good at. Pooling resources of various funds shows that the organization of a flight to Mars — this is a common cause of all the world. "

In the first half of 2013 "Mars One" to launch the program selection of astronauts. The search will be very serious to find the best candidates for the "next giant leap of mankind." The search will be global, open to everyone from every country.

The Foundation, "Mars One" will be the owner of the human outpost on Mars in his possession will be base on Earth, he will be taking on the work of astronauts, and organizes training here on Earth, and there, on Mars.



Arno H & W Welders, co-founder and CTO "Mars One" says: "Sending humans to Mars has been a dream of mine for twenty years. Obviously, I am not alone, because the letter came to us from more than fifty countries. People in thirty-seven countries have acquired our products, showing their support for the "Mars One." People are positive about this optimistic idea, we believe the project will enable the people of Earth to get a little closer to each other. "

The activity of "Mars One" has already sponsored by companies around the world.

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