Storm warning announced in Primorye by Typhoon Bolaven

Rescuers Primorye announced Monday storm warning for the region to promote a strong tropical Pacific typhoon "Bolaven" (Bolaven), reported GUMCHS Russia on edge.

Typhoon "Bolaven" originated in the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, it has already reached the southern Japan and goes to the Korean Peninsula. On Saturday, the wind speed at the center of disaster reached 70 meters per second, the wave height — ten meters. The last time this figure was recorded in 1956. Weather Service of the Russian Far East, the active monitor the movement of Typhoon "Bolaven", which is rapidly moving to the north. According to the Maritime AHEM, due to the indirect influence of typhoon "Bolaven" in Primorye 28-29 August rains are possible with strong winds on the coast — to the storm.

According to the Maritime Management hydrometeorological, due to the indirect influence of typhoon "Bolaven" in Primorye August 28-29 may rain with strong winds on the coast — before the storm.

"Due to the influence of typhoon" Bolaven "night and day, on August 29 in Primorye heavy rain is expected in places in southern wind 18-23 meters per second, on the coast with gusts of up to 25-30 meters per second," — said in a statement.

It is noted that in Vladivostok in the morning and in the afternoon on August 29 expected heavy rain to the number of 15-49 mm in 12 hours, which is more than polumesyachnoy rainfall. Wind South, South-east at a speed of 23-28 meters per second, with gusts up to 35 meters.

"By the rivers Kuleshovka, Spassovka, Artemovka, Shkotovka, Guerrilla, and in the upper reaches of the Ussuri and Arsenyevka decline in water level stops. Possible flooding inundated terrain, roads. When heavy rains fall is threatened sharp rise in water level in the river Razdolnaya Novogeorgievka site — Ussuriisk with flooding inundated terrain "- said GUMCHS.

Rescuers advised residents of Primorye Territory delay travel on vacation, hunting and fishing for the duration of a storm warning.

Almost supertyphoon

Now the wind speed in the central zone of the typhoon of 50 meters per second, in the gusts — 70 meters per second.

"Japanese experts call" Bolaven "very strong typhoon, the title of" supertyphoon "it is separated only 1 meter per second, which is quite unimportant" — said the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

According to meteorologist, August 28, and on the night of August 29, the typhoon comes ashore near the border of North Korea and northeast China, where much loses its power — wind speed drops to 25 meters per second, with gusts up to 35 meters per second.

Here "Bolaven" transformed into a cyclone temperate and will slowly move to the north-east, north-eastern China, then hitting the Amur region, to the south of the Khabarovsk Territory it comes out in the Sea of Okhotsk, crossed Kamchatka and September 2, will go to the Bering Sea.

"The heaviest rain will be August 29-30, in the Amur region, in the south and center of the Khabarovsk Territory, they will be accompanied by strong wind of 15 meters per second, in the gusts of 20-25 meters per second," — said the weather center.

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