Storm warning in the Voronezh region extended from the heat

Rescuers renewed storm warning in the Voronezh region until Friday, when the air temperature in the region is expected to be 35 degrees, said on Thursday the regional GUMCHS.

The average temperature in the Voronezh region of the mid-June — 18-20 degrees. Monday in the region in average per day the thermometer shows 26-27 degrees. Because of the intense heat rescuers on Wednesday declared a storm warning, which extended Thursday to Friday.

"Day on June 15 in the Voronezh region expected strong heat, temperature — 35 degrees Celsius," — said in a statement.

Hot weather reduces efficiency and attention, which can lead to errors and emergency personnel at facilities with an increased risk of accidents. Rescuers have also warned of the possibility of the growth of road traffic accidents, increase the number of accidents on the water bodies.

Because of the heat the chances of forest fires and landscape.

According to meteorologist Voronezh, the heat in the region will last until the weekend. On Saturday, the temperature drops to 25 degrees during the day, at night — to 16.

Now Voronezh 31 degree heat.

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