Strange flashes of light now in Odessa



As the author writes video: "About 35 seconds were bright flashes in the sky. Light turned on and off. Accompanying shimmer and moving smoothly like rays of light. And further, the brightest flash and darkness. Strange sounds during recording. When shooting them was not heard such squeak of the electromagnetic pulse. "



On the night of December 4, residents of the village and Luzanovka Kotovskogo saw in the sky a bright shimmering light, and then in their homes was not electricity.

This was reported by concerned people in social networks and the Odessa forum.

"Out on the balcony, he saw a bright flash on half the sky, as if by lightning. Then a very bright flash, and the houses one by one, the light began to disappear, "- writes the user Odessa Forum Odessit_2012, and who published a video of the phenomenon on YouTube.
In the Helpdesk Northern RES told that it was an accident, which resulted in left without electricity and Luzanovka, and the whole village Kotovskogo. As for the flash, it was an electrical arc, which was accompanied by the accident. It was powerful enough, and the sky was overcast, which partly reflects the light, so it is seen even in Luzanovka.

However, the breakdown on what exactly caused the substation Odessa believe in Armageddon, the North did not tell RES.

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