Submarine K-219 drowned underwater UFO?

December 7, 2011 14:46

Acoustic suddenly leaned headrest and wail: that, remove it! Who should be removed, none of the crew of a nuclear submarine, including this writer, did not know. Headphones, leaning against the ear, is really something to croak. It turns out, acoustics, as mania, haunted sounds of unidentified underwater objects, so-called "Quakers" …

About them, these croaking the whole ocean stealth is known almost nothing. What is this phenomenon also say no one — no one saw. They began to hear a few decades ago, when the submarine appeared more or less sensitive sonar equipment.

In the 70's of last century, the so-called unidentified flying objects, "Quakers" were not seriously disturb the command of the Soviet Navy. When the Navy Intelligence was even set up a special group to organize and analyze all unexplained phenomena occurring in the oceans. The officers, who obliged to collect information, went to the fleet, collecting all that somehow relates to the problem. There was even organized a series of ocean expeditions.

In the early 80's program "Quaker" was closed. The group disbanded, and all of the accumulated materials and design on disappeared in the naval archives classified as "Top Secret". It remains unclear why so suddenly disbanded the group and that they were able to learn about the Quakers? Unfortunately, this information is still closed. As far as we know, in the U.S., too, there was such a group, but the results of its operations also terribly secret.

Have been known cases where these mysterious objects stubbornly pursued our submarines, and the chase is accompanied by characteristic acoustic signals resembling the croaking of frogs, which is why, in fact, submarine and called them "Quakers."

Then there was the height of the Cold War. The military, among others suspected that the U.S. intelligence croak miniature submarine, or stationary objects, the purpose of which — zapelengovat boat potential enemy. Every year the "Quakers" met more often, usually ranging from a depth of 200 meters.

Their range extended from the Barents Sea to the North Atlantic. However, the version of the man-made origin of the mysterious underwater sounds was rejected: even the wealthy United States, such costs can not afford it. Imagine how much you need to spend in order to entangle wire the entire ocean …

For those who actually heard the Quakers, created a lasting impression of awareness actions of unknown sound sources. It might even seem that the Quakers, appearing from nowhere, tried hard to make contact. Judging by the continuously changing bearing, they circled around our submarines, changing the tone and frequency of the signal, as if invited to speak divers responding proactively to sonar "send."

In fact, the Quakers themselves as such do not pose any threat to submarines. Another thing is that some kind of mania hydrophone appeared — they were afraid to intrude on the watch. They were afraid of the mysterious sounds of the Quakers …

Accompanying our boat, they followed close to the exit of some of the area, and then, kvaknuv the last time disappeared as quietly as they appeared. And, moreover, in the opinion of many famous sailors, even the impression that the "Quakers" actively demonstrate their friendliness.

Some of the former members of the disbanded group to study the mysterious sounds, believe that "Quakers" are unknown living creatures with a fairly high level of intelligence. This is likely because the certificate of the unknown inhabitants of the deep oceans abound. Who knows, perhaps a subset of some of the giant eel or even a plesiosaur. The presence of the senses, working in the acoustic range, making it likely the version that "Quakers" have some of the features of cetaceans, and then clear their interest in submarines.

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"Quakers" vanished as suddenly as they appeared. They appeared in the early 70s, the peak reported they came in 1975-1980, and then for five years, they simply disappeared. Since the 90's of the last century there have been no official reports of meetings with them.

There is a theory, and that the "Quakers" were submerged by some alien craft. Perhaps it was the aliens accompanied submarines, floating above their submarine bases, and escorted the boat to come out of these areas.

In general, we can only wonder why it suddenly stopped the study and who was hiding under the name "Quakers" — creatures, still unknown to science, the secret U.S. intelligence objects or underwater alien ships …

More than two decades ago, October 6, 1986, in the Sargasso Sea, in the infamous Bermuda Triangle, sank the Soviet nuclear submarine "K-219". The disaster was one of the worst losses for the Russian Navy.

The cause of the accident was an explosion in the missile silo, but the circumstances of this incident so far are puzzling and disputes among experts. The accident began with "crushed" rocket propellant leak into the bay. As a result of experimental tests, simulations and careful analysis demonstrated that this was not the fault of the crew. Hence, the reasons or purely technical, or it is the impact of external factors.

Why rocket crushed? How water gets into the body of missile silo? In the official records there are pictures that confirm that the hull K-219 took a deep groove. It was she who broke the seal of mine. That she let the water overboard crush rocket. The question is, who rammed the boat? The fact that such an "external factor" was a foreign submarine, just a guess.

As always, there are two versions of what happened: official and unofficial. According to the unofficial version, which a few years ago, told the author of this famous submarine, Captain First Rank Nikolai Tushin (now, unfortunately, deceased), a submarine accident was directly involved in an unidentified underwater object.

He said that experienced sailors is quite serious about the talk of underwater "unidentified objects". According Tushin, he, like many submarine commander, saw the ocean glowing balls and cylinders. Almost every diver a "cherished" story is.

But it is not accepted in particular apply to these topics … You never know what to avtonomke dreaming? Moreover, that "the instruments" few such meetings are recorded with such objects … Captain Tushin was sure that the "K-219" sank the same mysterious force, but at the time this was not to say out loud, so the "anomalous" version was made public only years after the disaster. So unidentified underwater objects, like the "Quakers" and remain unsolved mysteries of the oceans …

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